how to accompany an army?

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6 years ago#1


Count Delinard, the Swadian Marshal asked me to accompany his army, how do I do this? do i just follow him manually or is there a way i can attach onto his forces.

6 years ago#2
Currently you can only follow manually, ye annoying I know. : / But typically theese outings lead to some action sooner or later
6 years ago#3

I ran into him and fought a battle right away, and then hightailed it out of there since I lost half my army... but I think that one battle was enough to complete the quest.

6 years ago#4
Generally, he jsut asks you to follow him indefinatly. He will problably let you know of a few simple missions he wants you to do; scout three places is the most common, it seems. just a nice way to get rep.

If the campaign goes on long enough, you'll see some good action too. If you've got good relation with other lords folllowing the Marshal, you can ask them to follow you instead. It's interesting to see all the vassals follow you and take your "Recommendations" rather than the Marshall :]

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6 years ago#5
It usually ends with a siege or a giant battle. Sometimes the campaign may end without doing anything.
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