How the hell did this cost 100 million dollars to make?

#1TinaKnowlesPosted 5/14/2012 6:45:02 PM
According to this article, Max Payne 3 cost roughly 105 million dollars to develop. I find it very hard to believe that an average game cost over 100 million dollars to make!
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Third TinaKnowles topic to deliver. Love it.
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Yeah turns out games aren't cheap to make
#4JohnnyCageMKPosted 5/14/2012 6:47:07 PM
It takes money to make a masterpiece.
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I like TinaKnowles
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Alright we get it, you don't like the game. I think I'll enjoy it very much, the only downside I see are the lengthy cutscenes. People can defend it all they want, but I do not want to watch long cutscenes. It kills replay value for me.

I understand the Max Payne series is strong on story. Also it's hard to take it too serious when the dude's name is Max Payne.
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Tina topic
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JohnnyCageMK posted...
It takes money to make a masterpiece.

As much as I love the Max Payne series, this chapter chapter in the series is far from a masterpiece. I am very disappointed with the game!
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In 2002 they bought the rights from Remedy and then in 2004 it was confirmed that Max Payne 3 was coming. 8 years in development has to be expensive.