Payne killer mode is stupid.

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kingkaze187 posted...
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The off to gamestop was a "nb4" bro. As well as my cool story comment. It thwarts any attempt of anyone else being a dick. I already said it.

You must be bad at GameFAQS. If you're going to "inb4" something, you have to actually SAY inb4.

It's not f***ing rocket science.

lol this
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^Yes, that hahaha
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I feel Rockstar made the areas too big for some of the maps like bus depot or even hoboken. Max's guns can't reach long range like pistols would and lmgs in general start with too little ammo. the times I've played it at the Branco's office with the cqc and easy ability to flank made it was really fun
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Payne Killer is great on Branco Headquarters. It's not quite as fun on any of the other maps, sadly.
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It's fun on the graveyard map too. Anybody know when that map is supposed to go public?