How long to beat after Max shaves his head?

#1GoodEvilAshPosted 6/5/2012 1:54:06 PM
I'm only on day 2 with the game and just breezing through it I guess. I'm having a great time but not in any rush to beat it, so i'm curious at how many hours on average are left?
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#2danton181Posted 6/5/2012 2:21:13 PM
the whole game takes about 10 to 12 hours
#3Game Player05Posted 6/5/2012 2:25:43 PM
It's the halfway point.
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#4AzularPosted 6/5/2012 2:26:35 PM
If the game's twelve hours, I'd say the last 7. Slightly longer than the first disk.
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#5Rome218Posted 6/5/2012 2:50:43 PM
I think the second disc is a lot longer, probably since MP is on the first disc. There are 6 chapters in the first disc, and 8 on the second.