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I think GTA V killed this game. (Archived)Mendoza818610/18/2013
God damn it MP is beyond dead... (Archived)
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Damn this game is insane on Hardcore. (Archived)BrownPack59/30/2013
max payne 3 chp 2 cut-scene glitch (Archived)therev2719/23/2013
max payne 3 the complete edition (Archived)sadiq201029/22/2013
Anyone know why the servers are currently down? (Archived)jmgordon9939/15/2013
GameFaqs Crew! (Archived)chuckaroo2739/15/2013
How do I leave a crew in Rockstar Social club website? (Archived)Tirppaka29/15/2013
This is one of the only linear single player games I just keep replaying (Archived)casedawgz49/14/2013
Multiplayer Down? (Archived)ThaiDanh29/13/2013
How bad are Sao Paulo and other "high-conflict" areas of Brazil today? (Archived)Mazryonh19/13/2013
I bought this game on demand.. (Archived)The_Hitman_UK19/12/2013
Question about Social Club (Archived)Six_ES29/12/2013
This game needs more love (Archived)
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#89 on the Game Conquerors Top 100 (Archived)fiasco8619/6/2013
I think I may have discovered a tip to make the story a little easier... (Archived)BrownPack29/5/2013
still worth it for single player and replay/ im not sure this game or army of tw (Archived)shads305569/4/2013
$5 Season Pass on XBL Marketplace. (Archived)megadeth111788/31/2013
WHY can't I continue playing the Story? (Archived)BrownPack38/31/2013
How many people still play multiplayer? (Archived)The_Hitman_UK48/29/2013
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