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4 years ago#1
So flame me all you want, i dont mind but im gunna say this anyways; even On the easiest setting this game is BRUTAL to the point where its not even enjoyable. And its annoying as hell because im a fan of the series and waited FOREVER to play this. either ya run out of bullets because every bad guy seems like his ENTIRE body is made from kevlar or im dying because the controls seem klunky as all h***. Im at the soccer arena/sniping part of the game (yes i know its early) and i snipe'd one guy in the head TWICE and he didnt go down... Frustraiting isnt the word. the story has me drawn in and the graphics are amazing but idk, this game may wind up attached to an M80 in about twenty more minutes. look i get the point that not every game should hold your hand but for 60 bones i should be able to enjoy this on easy mode.... its just insane!
In the heat of the moment it's forgiveable to go Wiffle Ball Bat to FACE!
4 years ago#2
Don't worry friend, the game, while it WILL get harder, will slow down for you and you'll fall into a groove with the game mechanics.

I must have died at least ten, fifteen times the first time you enter that VIP lounge in the, it was rough. Now I'm running through on Hardcore mode and it's really not that bad. It's just ALOT of guys, new controls to get used to, and a new system to master. Don't worry: take your bumps and licks now, and the game WILL train you to be much more efficient and able to handle any situation it throws at you.

Keep it up man.
4 years ago#3
Also, don't always use shootdodge when doing bullet time. Use the R3 to trigger it, and shoot dodge when you run out. You'll get good at popping off headshots in no time, and also use cover and blind fire when you can but do NOT go nuts with your ammo in blind fire, it'll eat your ammo alive.
4 years ago#4
Headshots always kill one shot unless they have a helmet. Cover is everything.
4 years ago#5
Finally cleared it. Thanks for the tips. Next scene the Hoboken NJ flashback was awesome! Got to ice some fist pumping Guidos... And im from Jersey so it was like icing the moron from the MTV show lol
In the heat of the moment it's forgiveable to go Wiffle Ball Bat to FACE!
4 years ago#6
Glad you're enjoying it bud :)
4 years ago#7
The game is amazing just not so forgiving lol i'll hang with it. Its Max Payne, ya cant just put it down. Like now for example, im at dinner with my girlfriend at the local bar near my house and im using my iphone to look up stuff on Max .... Its just awesome!
In the heat of the moment it's forgiveable to go Wiffle Ball Bat to FACE!
4 years ago#8
I started my first play through on easy and I couldn't imagine trying this game on hard (I am generally pretty good at difficult games). I decided to go for it anyways and quickly developed strategies to help me through. Cover is a must and you have to pay attention to the enemies, them reloading is a perfect time to fire some shots. Also, headshots are essential. It seems difficult at first but after awhile it'll be your "go to" tactic.

Another huge thing is learning enemy spawns. Knowing where they are going to come out from gives you that tiny extra amount of time to set up your shots. The last thing is shoot dodge. This is a very risky move, that when used at the correct times, can get you out of big trouble.

I just recently went back to easy mode to enjoy the story again and I literally blew through it. Which was a lot of fun. This game really isn't that hard. We're all just used to regenerating health and dumb AI.
4 years ago#9
Im on Branco's office building lockdown mission and im at the part where im in the lobby and knocked off the para military guys in the jeeps and then a dude in head armor with a gatlin gun walks in and wipes me out. Tried ten time to ice him with a machine gun of my own; going so far as to hit the knees and stagger him once... Any suggestions?
In the heat of the moment it's forgiveable to go Wiffle Ball Bat to FACE!
4 years ago#10
you have to shoot the armoured guys in the head otherwise you will be there all day.

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