Where's Japan?

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kiaghi777 posted...
And the winner, for most ignorant and uninformed statement goes to.....

Thank you, Kiaghi! My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw rubbish of a post!
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You're most welcome, I have absolutely no axe of any kind to grind with the Canadians and in fact I sincerely thank them as well as all of the Allies regardless of what they did in WW2 for the greater cause, and in that same breath, I also take tremendous exception to any asinine assertions that somehow a contribution was lessened like that board troll was claiming.

Such people are detestable revisionists who don't like how history actually says it was so they just vomit up the nonsense they would like to hear, no matter how much they have to lie through their teeth in the process. It is important that history not only be learned and retold, but that it be guarded and defended against the attempts by the ignorant and ill intentioned miscreants of the world who would happily belittle or even omit the facts of the matter all in an effort to forward their own agenda.
The difference between being ignorant and being enlightened is choosing not to be the other.