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6 years ago#1
So I just got Madden 10 a few days ago and started a Franchise and did a fantasy draft. This is my first Madden game (before this all i had was NCAA 06) I got Drew Brees as my QB and Reggie Wayne/Percy Harvin as my main WRs. Im playing on Pro and Im crushing the competition really badly. I'm 4-0 at this point and im averaging 40 points a game. (I pass the ball a lot and usually get 50 yard+ TDs) Is this normal? Should I go to All-Pro?

The last team i played was the Broncos, and their starting QB was Pat White (Tony Romo was out for the season) That was a sad game lol
6 years ago#2
if u are blowing out the cmp i would move up some or mess with the sliders to make the game harder i used to play cmp on th easy levels also and used blow them out all time and that gets boring after awhile.
6 years ago#3
You didn't post the time limit or how much offense the cpu is putting up .

It's not unusual for the first half of the first season in franchise to be easy , but yeah , either adjust your sliders ( about 3 "tics" per category to start ) or move up to the next level .

It's fun to have a blowout season every once and a while , just to see the kind of stats you can put up , but it will get boring eventually .
6 years ago#4
I'm playing 5 minute quarters and the other teams are averaging 20 points (with the exception of the first game when Tampa Bay put up 59), I won 85-59 but mostly because I was playing with a 3-4 scheme and didn't have the right personnel for it so I switched to a 4-3 which is the defense I generally prefer using. However right now I'm playing the Seahawks and they're giving me a tough time (right now I'm winning 21-10 in the 3rd, and this is my lowest scoring game in the season) I looked back at the records for the first 6 teams I played and none of them had a winning record so I think I just got a very easy schedule to start out the season.
6 years ago#5
20 points a game isent much for the cmp i play on all pro and thats what the cmp maybe avg's a game on me in franchise but i play 7 minute quarters, because im trying to get real stats for my team but even @ 7 minutes they dont get real stats.
6 years ago#6
Right now I'm at 10-0 and it's looking like the only real test is if I face the Redskins in the playoffs and then the Ravens is we both get to the Super Bowl. I'm going to play on All-Pro next season to see if that gives me a challenge.
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