About the Dark Ore Quest....*spoiler*

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7 years ago#1
Apparently I am an idiot if I haven't guess it but...
Does the one eye huge spider golem spawn when you start that quest or was it always there?
Cause I remember passing through that tunnel and never saw him there but I came from one end and not the other so I wouldn't know if it is the same...

Anyway, after I killed him and failed to deliver the amount Linebeck needed, I redone it again but this time HE WASN'T THERE. So for those who were like thinking, I should save and if I fail, reload my game with all my rupees intact and all ore for easy retry, don't.
Apparently if he is dead, he stays dead...

By the way, the reward opens up a path to a mini dungeon similar to the spirit tower with phantoms but you cannot use SWORD nor BOW. Meaning Zelda cannot possess.
The reward for all that crap up to here was a Regal Ring......
I already got the best train set so I might as well use it to buy that last heart container for Beetle...
7 years ago#2
How do you deliver with 5 Dark Ores left? Is there a warp from the Fire to the Forest Realm?
Sometimes I wonder what my life will be like after I'm done with video games.
7 years ago#3
You have to do some side quest to get some warps and path available.
From the mine, you take the right to go into a tunnel.
After passing throught the tunnel, head straight down till Ocean.
Take a left and use a warp, you'll still be at Ocean but there is another one near you from a U turn perspective.
After taking that other warp, you'll be at Forest where you are just one turn away from the trading post.

I don't remember those sidequest needed sorry man.
7 years ago#4
Where is this Mine to get the Dark Ore?
7 years ago#5
You need to accomplish a side quest to open the path to the mine.
I forgot which one, sorry.
7 years ago#6
Can you remember if it was in the Fire Realm? Ocean Realm!? Gahhh, i need to know. q_q
7 years ago#7
It's a NPC at Fire realm...
Okay, let me remember some of these npcs...
-Deliver ice.
-Bring a Goron to the ice village.
-Bring the ice guy to the Goron Village.
-Bring a Goron kid to Hyrule Castle.

And that's it.
By the way, for the Goron kid, you won't claim the forcegem after you drop him, you gotta talk to him afterwards and follow him until you get it.
7 years ago#8
Ive done all that, but no Mine with Dark Ore.. I just got the Fire Temple, the Train Shooting-Game, two dungeons where you get Alchemy Stone and Regal Ring and Goron Village.. =/
7 years ago#9
List me all the sidequest you can recall.
7 years ago#10
Fire Realm

#1 Deliver 10 Mega Ice to Goron who cant access his house
#2 Bring Goron to Anouki Village
#3 Bring Honcho to Goron Village
#4 Bring Elders Grandson to Village Town

but i am clearly missing some tracks, i can tell from the map. 8(
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  3. About the Dark Ore Quest....*spoiler*

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