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6 years ago#1
Okay, since no one else seems to care enough to do this, I'll be making this short FAQ just to try and lower the number of topics like "Where do I take....."
"How do I do.....?" etc. So if you can just give this a read, and if your question still isn't answered here, then you can post and if I'm on I'll happily answer
your questions :D.
Also be prepared for some spoilers, but if you came to this board seeking help, you've probably already spoiled the game for yourself :|.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks FAQ v1.0

[1.0] General collection Info
[1.1] Upgrades
[1.2] Heart Containers
[1.3] Stamps
[1.4] Train Parts
[1.5] Equipment
[1.6] Everything Else

[2.0] Sidequest Info
[2.1] Bunny Sidequest
[2.2] Force Gem Sidequests
[2.3] Random Sidequests

[3.0] F.A.Q

[4.0] Map

[5.0] Credits & Closing

[1.0] General Collection Info
This section will help you gather up any items you might be missing, from heart containers to sword upgrades.

[1.1] Upgrades

-Bomb Bag Upgrades
1) Beat the second level of the Take-em-all mini-game in Hyrule Castle.
2) Beat the record on the rope race mini-game in Whittleton.

-Quiver Upgrades
(For Quiver 1, you have two options.)
1a) Buy it from the Goron shop for 2.000.
1b) Beat the third level of the Take-em-all mini-game in Hyrule Castle.
2) Score 3000-3999 points on the Pirate Hideout mini-game (4000+ Will earn you a heart container.)

-Sword Upgrades
1) Capture all 50 bunnies.
2) Collect all 20 stamps.

-Beedle Membership Upgrades
1) (Silver Membership) Get 200+ Points.
2) (Gold Membership) Get 500+ Points.
3) (Platinum Membership) Get 1000+ Points.
4) (Diamond Membership) Get 2000+ Points.

[1.2] Heart Containers

1)Beat the boss in the Forest Temple and open the chest that appears.
2)Beat the boss in the Snow Temple and open the chest that appears.
3)Beat the boss in the Ocean Temple and open the chest that appears.
4)Beat the boss in the Fire Temple and open the chest that appears.
5)Beat the boss in the Sand Temple and open the chest that appears.
6)Buy it for 2.000 Rupees at the shop in the Snow Sanctuary.
7)Score 4000+ on the Pirate Hideout mini-game.
8)Take 5 rabbits to the rabbit fanatic in the Rabbit Rescueland.
9)Get 60+ hits on the sword training mini-game in Hyrule Castle.
10)Get a gold membership in Beedle's Balloon Shop.
11)Beat the rope rac mini-game in Whittleton with 1'15''00 or less, without missing.
12)Beat the first level of the Take-em-all mini-game in Hyrule Castle.
13)Beat the Brain Twister Block puzzle in the Ends of the Earth Station.

[1.3] Stamps

Forest Realm
-Aboda Village: Next to the train station.
-Forest Sanctuary: Northern area of the map, near the stairs.
-Whittleton: Go up to the northern field, it should be near the entrance.
-Hyrule Castle: (Requires Bombs) Bomb the rocks near the north-east portion of the town and go up the stairs, head towards the North-west tower.
-Forest Temple: (Requires Whirlwind) On floor 1 (1F) there should be a small section filled with poison near the north-east corner of the room, blow off the poison and it should be there.
-Trading Post: (Requires Bombs) Northwest corner when you enter the cave.

Snow Realm
-Anouki Village: North-east corner.
-Snow Sanctuary: On a small hill near the eastern side of the map.

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6 years ago#2
-Wellspring Station: (Requires Boomerang) Pass over the lake using the boomerang to freeze it.
-Snow Temple: (Requires Boomerang) In a room where you will need to cross a small portion of water, by freezing it with torches forming a ^, it should be on the north-east patch of land.

Ocean Realm
-Papuchia Village: (Requires Snake Rope and Bird Song) Go south of the village using the birds song near the middle islands, and start to head west, near the bottom area you should be able to play the bird song again to go south-west again and it should be there.
-Ocean Sancutary: (Requires Snake Rope and Bird Song) On top of the entrance to the lokomo's sanctuary, use the birds song near the open path and you should be able to get up.
-Pirate Hideout: (Requires Snake Rope and Bird Song) On the left hill, play the birds song in the middle of the island or near the hill.
-Ocean Temple: (Requires Snake Rope, Bombs are optional.) As soon as you enter the second floor of the ocean temple, bomb both the left corner wall and the right corner wall, go into the right wall and you should be able to lower a tree trunk down so you can get across, now go into the left hole and whip across to the stamp station.

Fire Realm
-Goron Village: (Requires Snake Rope) Go to the area east of the goron village, when you get to the northern entrance (of the east area) go east again and up the hills, head north-west and it should be there.
-Fire Sanctuary: (Requires Boomerang) Unlock the bridges by lighting all the torches, cross over the newly made bridges.
-Fire Temple: (Requires Bow) In the room where you have to hit four eyes in sequence while riding a cart, hit all the eyes, and when the cart stops, go back on the cart, when you get to the South-West area, there should be a switch on the very corner, hit it with an arrow.

Sand Realm
-Sand Sanctuary: (Requires Sand lokomo's {Rael's} quest completed) Pick up a cucco and fly over to the south-east island.
-Sand Temple: (Requires Sand Wand) When you reach a river a sand, with small traps shooting arrows all around, cross over to the west area.

Spirit Tower
-Top of spirit tower: On the very top of the tower, after the fight with Bryne, you watch a cut-scene on top of the tower.

[1.4] Train parts

Wooden Set

-Wooden Engine- Wood Heart : 2, Star Fragment : 2 and Dark Pearl Loop : 1
-Wooden Cannon- Wood Heart : 2, Stalfos Skull : 1 and Ruto Crown : 1
-Wooden Passenger Car- Wood Heart : 1, Bee Larvae : 1 and Dragon Scale : 1
-Wooden Freight Car- Wood Heart : 1, Demon Fossil : 2 and Pearl Necklace : 1
Total: Wood Heart : 6, Star Fragment : 2, Dark Pearl Loop : 1, Stalfos Skull : 1, Ruto Crown : 1, Bee Larvae : 1, Dragon Scale : 1, Demon Fossil : 2 and Pearl Necklace : 1

Steel Set

-Steel Engine- Pearl Necklace : 2, Ruto Crown : 1 and Goron Amber : 1
-Heavy Cannon- Pearl Necklace : 2, Dragon Scale : 2 and Mystic Jade : 1
-Sturdy Passenger Car- Pearl Necklace : 2, Pirate Necklace : 3 and Ancient Gold Piece : 1
-Efficient Freight Car- Pearl Necklace : 2, Dark Pearl Loop : 2 and Goron Amber : 1
Total: Pearl Necklace : 8, Ruto Crown : 1, Goron Amber : 2, Dragon Scale : 2, Mystic Jade : 1, Pirate Necklace : 3, Ancient Gold Piece : 1 and Dark Pearl Loop : 2

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6 years ago#3
Skull Set

-Skull Engine- Stalfos Skull : 4, Bee Larvae : 3 and Ruto Crown : 2
-Skull Cannon- Stalfos Skull : 2, Demon Fossil : 3 and Dragon Scale : 1
-Skull Passenger Car- Stalfos Skull : 3, Star Fragment : 2 and Pearl Necklace : 1
-Skull Freight Car- Stalfos Skull : 2, Wood heart 4 and Pirate Necklace 2
Total: Stalfos Skull : 11, Bee Larvae : 3, Ruto Crown : 2, Demon Fossil : 3, Dragon Scale : 1, Star Fragment : 2, Pearl Necklace : 1, Wood heart : 4 and Pirate Necklace 2

Garden Set

-Stagecoach Engine- Ancient Gold Piece : 1, Dragon Scale : 3 and Bee Larvae : 8
-Tower Cannon- Ancient Gold Piece : 1, Dark Pearl Loop : 3 and Pirate Necklace : 2
-Quaint Passenger Car- Ancient Gold Piece : 1, Ruto Crown : 3 and Star Fragment : 5
-Garden Freight Car- Ancient Gold Piece : 1, Pearl Necklace : 2 and Stalfos Skull : 7
Total: Ancient Gold Piece : 4, Dragon Scale : 3, Bee Larvae : 8, Dark Pearl Loop : 3, Pirate Necklace : 2, Ruto Crown : 3, Star Fragment : 5, Pearl Necklace : 2 and Stalfos Skull : 7

Dragon Set

-Dragonhead Engine- Pirate Necklace : 2, Mystic Jade : 1 and Demon Fossil : 12
-Dragon Cannon- Pirate Necklace : 2, Goron Amber : 1 and Wood Heart : 9
-Dragon Passenger Car- Pirate Necklace : 1, Dark Pearl Loop : 3 and Demon Fossil : 8
-Dragon Freight Car- Pirate Necklace : 2, Ruto Crown : 2 and Bee Larvae : 6
Total: Pirate Necklace : 7, Mystic Jade : 1, Demon Fossil : 20, Goron Amber : 1, Wood Heart : 9, Dark Pearl Loop : 3, Ruto Crown : 2 and Bee Larvae : 6

Dessert Set

-Sweet Engine- Palace Dish : 1, Mystic jade : 2 and Ancient Gold Piece : 1
-Honey Cannon- Palace Dish : 1, Pearl Necklace : 5 and Goron Amber : 1
-Cake Passenger Car- Palace Dish : 1, Dragon Scale : 3 and Ruto Crown : 4
-Pie Freight Car- Palace Dish : 1, Goron Amber : 1 and Dark Pearl Loop : 3
Total: Palace Dish : 4, Mystic Jade : 2, Ancient Gold Piece : 1, Pearl Necklace : 5, Goron Amber : 1, Dragon Scale : 3, Ruto Crown : 4, Goron Amber : 1 and Pearl Loop : 3

Gold Set

-Golden Engine- Alchemy Stone : 1, Ancient Gold Piece : 2 and Mystic Jade : 3
-Brawny Cannon- Alchemy Stone : 1, Palace Dish : 3 and Goron Amber : 2
-Royal Passenger Cannon- Regal Ring : 1, Dragon Scale : 4 and Ancient Gold Piece : 2
-Golden Freight Car- Regal Ring : 1, Pearl Necklace : 4 and Mystic Jade : 1
Total: Alchemy Stone : 2, Regal Ring : 2, Ancient Gold Piece : 4, Mystic Jade : 4, Palace Dish : 3, Goron Amber : 2, Dragon Scale : 4 and Pearl Necklace : 4

Sum Total: Wood Heart : 19, Star Fragment : 9, Dark Pearl Loop : 12, Pearl Necklace : 23, Ruto Crown : 13, Goron Amber : 7, Stalfos Skull : 19, Bee Larvae : 18, Ancient Gold Piece : 10, Dragon Scale : 14, Pirate Necklace : 14, Mystic Jade : 8, Demon Fossil : 25, Palace Dish : 7, Alchemy Stone : 2 and Regal Ring : 2

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6 years ago#4
[1.5] Equipment

Recruit Sword : Receive from the Guard Captain at Hyrule Castle.
Shield : Buy one for 80-200 Rupees.
WhirlWind : Gotten at the Forest Temple.
Boomerang : Gotten at the Snow Temple.
Snake Rope : Gotten at the Ocean Temple.
Bow : Gotten at the Fire Temple.
Sand Wand : Gotten at the Sand Temple.
Bow of Light : Gotten at the Sand Temple.
Shield of Antiquity : Collect 10 stamps.
Bomb Bag : Buy from Beedle's shop for 500 Rupees
Quiver : You get it with the bow.
Lokomo Sword : Receive from Anjean after completing the Sand Temple

[1.6] Everything Else

Engineer Clothes : You start out with these and lose them later on, you can get it back for collecting 15 stamps.
Guard Uniform : Receive this from Zelda.
Engineer Certificate : Receive this from Zelda.
Compass of Light : After completing the Sand Temple, return to the top of the tower and complete the last floors.
Rabbit Net : Visit Rabbit Rescueland.
Prize Postcards : Buy them from shops, 10 for 100 Rupees.
Beedle Membership : Buy something from Beedle, than check a mailbox for his letter.
Freebie Card : Receive after reaching 200+ points (Silver Membership).
x5 Points Card : Receive after reaching 1000+ points (Platinum Membership).
Stamp Book : Go visit Niko and he'll give it to you shortly after you complete Hyrule Castle-Forest Temple.
Song Of Awakening : Forest Sanctuary. {Red and Blue}
Song Of Healing : Forest Temple Entrance. {Green, White and Green}
Song Of Birds : Use the Song of Discovery near a palm tree in Papuchia Village. {Purple, Yellow and Purple}
Song Of Discovery : Anouki Village. {Orange, Yellow, Orange and Blue}
Song Of Light : Trading Post. {Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue and White}

[2.0] Sidequest Info
This section will focus on the sidequests, and what they unlock, I'll also discuss the force-gem gates and their connections.

[2.1] Bunny Sidequest
Okay this section is just going to be the map, since it would be too big if I included a detail path for the bunnies.

[2.2] Force Gem Sidequests
These are in accordance with the map so 1 here would be un-lockable rail 1 on the map in order they can be obtained.

Before Ocean Temple
Force Gem 1) After you find Carben (the ocean sanctuary's lokomo) take him back to the ocean sanctuary and he will give this to you.

After Ocean Temple
Force Gem 2) Speak to a woman in Papuchia Village (inside a house) She will be looking for a husband Bring the chief of Whittleton to see her.
Force Gem 5) Go to Hyrule castle and enter one of the buildings to find a woman alone, she will be looking for her rabbit loving husband, take her to Rabbit Rescueland.
Force Gem 6) A boy in Aboda Village wants to fly with the birds, take him to Beedle's shop.
Force Gem 8) At the North-West area of Anouki Village an Anouki wants to start his Mega Ice company again, take him to Wellspring Station.

After getting the freight car
Force Gem 3) Buy some fish from the merchant at Papuchia Village and deliver it to Hyrule Castle, there should be a woman in the town center who wants some fish.
Force Gem 4) A man in Aboda Village wants to start a Cucco pen, take 10 cuccos to him from Hyrule Castle.
Force Gem 9) One of the gorons in the Goron Village wants to go somewhere cold, take him to Anouki Village.

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6 years ago#5
Force Gem 10) Go speak to Steem (Snow Sancutary lokomo) and he'll tell you he wants a vessel, head over to "The Wise One" in Papuchia Village and tell him you've been having some bad luck, he'll give you a special vessel for 300 Rupees.
Force Gem 11) First get the bridge builder, than get some lumber from Whittleton Village and take both to Anouki Village for another Force Gem.
Force Gem 12) Go to Anouki Village, and talk to the elder, he wants to go somewhere hot. Take him to Goron Village.
Force Gem 16) In the Goron village, theres still an area covered with lava, take 10 more pieces of Mega Ice to a Goron near it.
Force Gem 19) Go to the Goron Village and get some iron, take at least 5 iron to Whittleton Village and talk to the man who sells lumber.

After Fire Temple
Force Gem 17) A child Goron in Goron Village wants to go see a town, Take him to Hyrule Castle.
Force Gem 13) The woman selling fish in Papuchia will need Mega Ice, bring her 10 units.
Force Gem 14) After you gain access to the Pirate hideout, play it once and pass, you will than need to take a villager back to Papuchia Village.

After Sand Temple
Force Gem 15) Complete the Force Gem 18 Sidequest, Get some Dark ore and take it to Linebeck at the Trading Post.
Force Gem 20) Rael will ask for Cuccos, bring him 5 Cuccos from Hyrule Castle.

Ferrus Letters
Force Gem 7) After you get your first letter from Ferrus, he should be standing on the tracks south-east of the snow realm, pick him up and take him to Aboda Village.
Force Gem 18) This should be your second letter from Ferrus, Go pick him up near the north-west part of the fire realm, and take him to the Ocean temple.

[2.3] Random Sidequests

Teacher) Teacher will ask you to take him to several locations in search of zelda, an easy way to get up to 300 Rupees
Steem) If you break the vessel you gave the Snow Lokomo, you can get it again for a 2.500 Rupee treasure :D (And it's GREAT for the lols.)

[3.0] F.A.Q
The part you've all been waiting for (I know I have :P.) The Frequently Asked Questions section! I hope this will greatly lower the number of topics asking "Where do I take the kid who wants to fly?"

Q: I just got a boy who wants to fly, where do I take him?
A: Take him to Beedle's shop.

Q: What do I get for getting 999 on the sword practice mini-game?
A: You gain the rank of Captain, and all of the guards look up (bow down!) to you. (Now let us take over this castle my puny minions!)

Q: I heard there was a Secret boss?
A: After beating the skeleton boss in the 3rd round of the Take-em-all mini-game in Hyrule Castle, you get to fight Dark Link! (Wewt!)

Q: Where do I fight Dark Link?
A: Answered above.

A: Congratulations! You've just made a complete fool of yourself on the interwebs, this is an ANTI-piracy feature Nintendo added, Buy the game.

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6 years ago#6
Q: -Insert Song/Lokomo name here- Is hard!
A: I don't see why you people keep posting this, yes we get it, it's not like a puzzle where we can actually help you solve it, but hell a question deserves an answer, here are a few tips
1) Try to blow gently , not too far from the screen but not on top of the mic either, just a moderate distance from the screen should do.
2) Wait until the camera pans onto link before you start playing.
3) Try and see what your doing wrong, also RHYTHM MATTERS!
4) Don't practice on practice mode, if you did it right in practice mode and went over to normal mode to try it again, and you didn't do it you'll get frustrated.
5) Don't try and do it while your angry, I've found myself SPITTING at my DS from rage, as if it was an actual person insulting me, take this nice and calm.
6) In the end all you can really do is try, try again until you get it done.

Q: How many arrows / bombs can I hold?
A: 50 and 30 respectively.

Q: How do I kill those evil blue trains?
A: All you can do is avoid them, evil aren't they?

Q: How do I get 8 hearts on my train?
A: You need the full Golden set.

A: Calm down, they are named Brawny Cannon and Royal Passenger Car.

Q: How do I beat ???? boss
A: I would have included this, but there is a boss faq posted by ZeldaDungeon, give it a check and if you still can't figure it out, post here I'll gladly help you out.

Q: How many Heart containers can I have total?
A: 16

Q: Where do I get the -Insert Item Here-?
A: Read the first part of the FAQ.

A: You can do sidequests anytime you want, you can beat the game first if you really wanted to.

Q: Okay well I tried to do the sidequest after I beat the game but I lost my passenger :'(.
A: Well you can always go back and re-try so it's no problem.

Q: How do I make Zelda (Phantom) drop something?
A: Hit her.

A: Thanks for adding so much culture to our boards :D.

A: Ahhh I see, well try rolling on the patches of soft ground, and try not to turn too late, rolling is really what gets you past that last level.

Q: Whats an easy way to get treasures?
A: The Pirate hideout mini-game is an acceptable method, it yields abundant treasure for free, you can also use the Postcard method to get rare treasures, just buy 20 postcards and mail them in, advance your DS clock 24 hours and collect your prize.

Q: I can't do the Dark Ore quest, what am I doing wrong?!
A: (According to the map) First defeat the giant spider crab thing you encounter when you first go down the south part of the Dark ores path, Than get some dark ore, pass through the cave without getting hit, go into the = warp to come out on the other = warp and take the + warp to come out on the other + warp, it should be pretty easy now.

Q: Wait what?! + Warp? = Warp? wtf?
A: http://guidesmedia.ign.com/guides/14333936/images/map800final.jpg I did say according to the map :|.

Q: I can't get the ocean lokomo down! and I think he's laughing at my feeble attempts at hitting him down >:(.
A: You have to play the Song of Birds, First play the Song Of Discovery near the palm tree he's at to get the Song Of Birds, than use that :D, also he's not laughing at you he's laughing with you.

*Please don't post yet*
6 years ago#7
[4.0] Map
This is a handy little map I found while looking through IGN, of course ALL credit goes to IGN.

[5.0] Credits & Closing
This is of course the most important part of the F.A.Q :D So on to the Credits!
Kzmm - For answering a topic about Teacher where I learned he gives you up to 300 Rupees, thanks :D.
Quaggiggity - For his link to ZeldaDungeoun's sidequest list.
GarroGX - Of course for making a more basic guide which inspired me to make this more advanced draft :D.
IAznDragonI Yan - Since GarroGX gave him credit, and I got a good part of this F.A.Q from GarroGX I have to give him credit as well.
hoohahwtf - For the Song Colors, Since I was too lazy to turn my DS to go check.
ZeldaDungeon - For all their great Faqs and the sidequest list.
Everyone Else - If I forgot you I'm deeply deeply sorry, send me an AIM or something or just post on this topic and I'll include your name in another draft (If I can get more questions to add.)

Thats it folks! Thanks for reading.

You may now Post!
6 years ago#8
Nice guide!

I was watching you post em =o.

Refresh-spam is epic =3.
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6 years ago#9
Now we just need to get this stickied ^_^, should reduce some of the more simple posts like the one with the kid who wants to fly :D.
6 years ago#10
Reducing things makes these things look small.

We want MORE! =3.
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