20th Floor in the Spirit Tower - HELP!

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This room is maddening, I think I'm losing my mind. There's this section in the lava where I need to hit one eye to the far rightwhile standingon a northern platform (that i reached by swinging across 2 logswith the whip)using a blue arrow orb which opens up a timeddoor on the far leftto a smaller area with another arrow orb and another eye. I've placed an arrow orb on the southern platform and I can only hit it if I jump onto Zelda's back. The problem is, the platform that orb is on is too low to hit the other orb to the left and just hits the wall below it. There has to be a way out of it, seeing as other people have made it through and actually beaten the game, but I am at a loss and want to bang my head against the wall. Any help would be awesome.

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Zelda can hold the arrow-orbs.
Just sayin'.
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Okay, you need to have Zelda holding one of the switches in place to hit the one behind the door. Stand on the tall platform and shoot the first arrow down right to open the door, then shoot an arrow down left to Zelda to have the Arrow go through and hit the eye. I had troubles to, feel free to search the answers tab.
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Thanks for the help btw. I don't have to bash my brains into the wall now.

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ummm... now how do you get her to drop them?

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Okay, I stabbed her, that made her do it. nevermind.