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The whole train thing (Archived)PlacidSlayer73/27/2009
I'm going to refer to Link as 'Cole,' and the train, 'Thomas.' (Archived)Hooded_Miracle53/27/2009
I hope Nintendo knows what their doing. (Archived)geodukemon93/27/2009
I died inside. (Archived)Dee_man_4583/27/2009
10 bucks says this is actually an April Fool's joke (Archived)
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I have a question. (Archived)MegamanZX225593/27/2009
This is an horrible idea for a game (Archived)Frogger2k343/27/2009
Time to bring back Malon and Talon (Archived)GradyHoover43/27/2009
Where did Link get his conductor license? (Archived)
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You know what would make this game better? (Archived)High_Dragoon83/27/2009
I'm sorry, but this is just getting too gimmicky. (Archived)
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CHOO! CHOO! ALL ABOARD! lol (Archived)mannypokemon33/27/2009
It all makes sense as cannon (Archived)ceiroh43/27/2009
I hope the trailer music is also the overworld music. (Archived)LoZKing53/27/2009
The train should be able to fly (Archived)SailorMook13/27/2009
Woulda worked better if it were Minish Cap gameplay. IMHO (Archived)
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First topic. (Archived)
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ITT: Major flaws in Phantom Hourglass that we hope can die in Spirit Tracks. (Archived)
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Not being released in Japan? (Archived)Japillow13/27/2009
A Train? Epic Win M I RITE? (Archived)Go2Church53/27/2009
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