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Where did Link get his conductor license? (Archived)
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You know what would make this game better? (Archived)High Dragoon83/27/2009
I'm sorry, but this is just getting too gimmicky. (Archived)
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CHOO! CHOO! ALL ABOARD! lol (Archived)mannypokemon33/27/2009
It all makes sense as cannon (Archived)ceiroh43/27/2009
I hope the trailer music is also the overworld music. (Archived)LoZKing53/27/2009
The train should be able to fly (Archived)SailorMook13/27/2009
Woulda worked better if it were Minish Cap gameplay. IMHO (Archived)
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First topic. (Archived)
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ITT: Major flaws in Phantom Hourglass that we hope can die in Spirit Tracks. (Archived)
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Not being released in Japan? (Archived)Japillow13/27/2009
A Train? Epic Win M I RITE? (Archived)Go2Church53/27/2009
Snakes on a train! (Archived)tomloadsadosh23/27/2009
Zomgomg gagnon is YOU? (Archived)orinationx243/27/2009
This game will be an utter trainwreck. (Archived)
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Ooh, I hope Linebeck returns in this game... (Archived)Dash_Jr43/27/2009
Nintendo is only making this game in order to steam as many fans as possible. (Archived)RT_55J13/27/2009
Hey guys, I know this hasn't been posted yet, but this game has trains (Archived)
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This game has trains in it. (Archived)Boomerang7893/27/2009