Zoni Ship Upgrades

#1redstripe8Posted 11/4/2009 1:57:45 PM
Does anyone have a list of the ship upgrades and how many Zoni it takes for each upgrade? I rented the game and want to see if it's worth the time to upgrade.

#2OsgorothPosted 11/4/2009 2:05:55 PM
Well, some of the upgrades, you won't have a chance to get, because you need them to proceed with the story.

I don't know them by heart though, so hopefully someone else can help you.
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#3debonairdarklinPosted 11/4/2009 2:11:49 PM
you start with the pulse cannons and impaler missiles
aphelion - 3
thrustmaster 500 - 6
harmonic plating - 9
ship tether - 12
kinetic demolishers - 15
plasma torpedos - 18
quantum reflector - 21
polarity plating - 24
proton cutters - 27
swarm rockets - 30
xulian overthruster - 35

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