The Samaritan Trophy Explained

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I've noticed on this board that there are a whole ton of people who are having difficulty getting The Samaritan Trophy, acquired by completing all the space missions in all 5 sectors. Having written a walkthrough for the game, the info is all there, but to save you guys the trouble here is a list of all the space missions and where they are:

Phylax Sector:

+ Destroy Dr. Nefarious' Ships (Ship)
+ Tow Terachnoid's Ship to the Phylax Depot (Ship)
+ Clean Up Irradiated Asteroids (Phylax Depot)

Vela Sector:

+ Tow the Vullard Ship (Ship)
+ Collect Warp Drive Components (Ship)
+ Retrieve Core Sample from Comet (Vela Depot)

Korthos Sector (This is probably where you've missed a few.)

+ Tow the Junk Hauler Home (Ship)
+ Escort Ortax the Merciless (Ship)
+ Return Omnigasket to Vullard* (Korthos Depot)
+ Destroy the Holo-Boards (Korthos Alpha)
+ Hide the Holo-Boards** (Korthos Depot)
+ Set Up the Holo-Boards*** (Korthos Alpha)

* The Omnigasket is found on Korthos Beta, inside the small isolated building on the moon. If you've already picked it up, simply speak to the Vullard on Korthos Depot to give it to him.

** This mission becomes available after you've completed the "Return Omnigasket to Vullard" and "Destroy the Holo-Boards" missions.

*** This mission becomes available after you've completed the "Hide the Holo-Boards" mission.

Bernilius Sector:

+ Defend the Terachnoid Convoy (Ship)
+ Destroy 3 Spy Satellites (Ship)

* There are NO mission on Bernilius Depot.

Corvus Sector:

+ Help Introduce Warlock and Snookiebear* (Ships)
+ Destroy 50 Ships (Corvus Depot)

* There are 2 ships in the Corvus Sector, but their missions are exactly the same. Once you pick a ship and do the mission, both ships leave the sector.

Hopefully that'll help people stuck trying to get this trophy. If there's anything I've omitted or if I've made an error, correct me.
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Thank you! Now I just need to get through the game again.
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#3tpsdmPosted 11/23/2009 10:13:10 PM
wat? i've done all those missions but still no trophie! must be a stupid glitch
#4OwenRockyPosted 11/24/2009 9:22:13 PM
Same with me. I am surfing the galaxies looking for anything I missed and it looks like I did everything, yet no trophy.
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#5TwiztedMlNDPosted 11/24/2009 9:32:52 PM
I saw all the posts about it being a glitch and I was worried, then I realized there was another sector, Corvus Sector. Once I did the mission there I got the trophy.

I don't think there is any kind of glitch I just think people are not doing everything.
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#6Kuroudo7Posted 11/25/2009 6:40:52 AM
There is a glitch i heard its something to do with getting the RYNO before doing the last smuggler mission, i started again on challange mode and i couldnt find the very first smuggler mission so i guess im gonna need yet another playthrough
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(resurrecting this so I don't have to create a new topic)

The tricky thing about this trophy is that you can get the "Seek out inhabitants for missions" checkmark for completion, and STILL not have the Samaritan trophy. That's my situation right now, but I think I haven't done everything on your list. Another tricky thing is that not all missions appear as yellow dots on the map, right? I've eliminated all yellow dots, but no trophy.

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#8insomniac_dogPosted 12/5/2009 8:59:24 PM

It's important to remember that the Depots also provide the player with missions, not just the ships floating around in the sectors. Also, the Omnigasket is another little tidbit which people can overlook.

#9ArcadianGenesisPosted 12/6/2009 2:12:01 AM
Okay, I got Samaritan now. All I needed were the missions from Korthos Alpha, Korthos Depot, and Corvus Depot. Thanks.

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