Great Clock Sector 3 Gold bolt (Quantos repair)

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6 years ago#1
I'm assuming that the gold bolt that's there in mid-air will be accessible upon repair time on Quantos. For the life of me, though, I can't do it. I just get temporal wave after temporal wave after temporal wave. Eventually time runs out.

Can someone explain to me exactly how the time repair works? I get the yellow, orange, and red rifts. The red orbs seem to slow down time, the yellow ones are like bombs and repair rifts within a certain radius, the green orbs look like powerups, but what about the purple ones? And how does the clock in the corner work? I figure it shouldn't take five minutes of doing this mini-game. What the eff am I doing wrong?
6 years ago#2
First of all the only Gold Bolt in Great Clock that require Time Repair is in Sector One... And you need to beat wave 3 to have access to it...

Anyways - the purple triangle turns any repaired rift to a broken one. The clock shows how much time you have before you fail to repair the time on the planet. It'll reset every time you complete one wave of the Time Rifts..
BTW if you hit any repaired (blue) rift with the beam - it;ll broke again, so avoid this at all coast.
Additionally the Time Repairs affect only the things you are going to find on the planet for which you repaired time, except the one in Sector One (as I said at the beginning...)

As for the Gold Bolt you referred in topic - you need to repair few things with Chrono Scepter swing not minigame... It'll float outside of one of the Timer Puzzle room. Beat that puzzle and after you exit the room Turn right, repair few broken thing on the edge, and a floating platform should appear. Jump on it, walk toward bolt - and another platform pops up - jump on it again...
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6 years ago#3
actually koza that puzzle opens a door IIRC and theres a gold bolt behind it

i got that one on my first run
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6 years ago#4
Ok, my mad...

There are only two gold bolts in Great Clock that require Time Fixing with Chronoscepter. First one is in Sector One near the middle of the level (forgot the planet's name now... oh yeah it's Jassindu... The second one is in Sector Four (which superbuu3 mentioned) - accessible after fixing Time Anomalies on planet Fastoon...

As I said previously none of the gold bolts in Sector Three in Great Clock requires Time Fixing (of course the Bolts/constructo mods on the planets still does...)
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