leptocephalus , how to kill it?

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5 years ago#1
The game was easy until I find this beast,There is no way I can kill it.Leveling is long and useless.He atacks me to much , and almost every attack is a kill.I could kill the spirits but I canīt even scratch him.WTF!

Every one at level 10,with the best equipment available.

Help please
5 years ago#2
Only advice I can offer is to use magic to inflict status effects on the minor enemies so that the boss doesn't get extra SP from his friends dying.

The key to survival is to get your EX attacks off before he gets enough energy to fire his off.
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5 years ago#3
Man , there is no way i can kill this bastard.Iīm not even close.I am strat rpg veteran but WTF!
The level of punish went up over 9000!!!

My guys are level 11.I donīt think levelinig up to 100 would make a diference.Am I that bad??The game wass soooooo wasy till now
5 years ago#4
Yep, I too am stuck at this boss. Its simply poor game design. Cause I'm not underleveled. Unless I'm truly meant to spend hours on end at this sloooow leveling pace. My equipment is up to par. Upgraded too. However, this boss is far over powered and kills whoever it attacks pretty much outright. I was making slow progress on the supporting orbs {which die pretty fast to melee attacks} But I ran out of revival items. There is no revival spell available yet and the revival items are very pricey. The only way I can see to beat this is to rack up on those...... It'll take forever, dunno if I even care to at this point tho. Seeing as proper leveling is isn't going to save u from irritating BS like this.
5 years ago#5

Just be prepared to lose people don't bunch up and have plenty of fragments of life, because you lose 1-2 party members a turn SP builds up quickly when it builds up enough use you EX skills to kill the spirits then concentrate on the boss. It's not to hard to be honest just a battle of attrition really.

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  3. leptocephalus , how to kill it?

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