new jak game...

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6 years ago#1
and you'll love this one: heroes on the move

ratchet and clank,jak and daxter,sly and bently. (sadly no isomniac,naughty dog or suckerpunch)

all 6 heroes in one game on ps3.

with move controller connected!
6 years ago#2
I personally don't see it as a new Jak game. I see it as an abomination to all 3 series, even though I hate Sly Cooper, and I pray to Athena that this is non canon so I never have to touch it's filthy, disgustingness.

But yeah, I see it as a gimmick, a marketing ploy for the Move, another motion sensitive controller which I also hate. The only way I will even acknowledge this game, is if all 3 character's scenarios are independent and Jak, Sly and Ratchet never meet each other, and they are each in completely different universes.
6 years ago#3

Why is it that Sly Cooper seems to be get hate? I actually like all three, and I'm no furry.

I don't think Heroes on the Move is canonical, but it would be nice to see what they could do with the story if it was.

6 years ago#4
If the story was canonical, then it would be the end of the series for me, I mean you can't have Jak meet Ratchet, and you most certainly can't have him meet Sly Cooper and vice versa. Like Jak, he's turned into some kind of badass dude, and then he'd meet Ratchet and... I don't know how it would work non-canonically let alone canonically.
6 years ago#5
I think all 3 series are amazing, I thought I would get any game that is part of them.

This looks absolutely horrible.
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6 years ago#6
even though I hate Sly Cooper, and I pray to Athena that this is non canon so I never have to touch it's filthy, disgustingness..... thems fightin words! >:O
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6 years ago#7
to make it worse, it has move
6 years ago#8
i've been waiting for jak and ratchet ever since 2006 when naughty dog stopped making jak and daxter games
6 years ago#9
I would be all for a non-canon Jak/Ratchet crossover, as long as it didn't have too big a story and was more a fun game-play orientated party game and that the next Jak game's story pretends that this Heroes on the Move plot didn't happen.

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