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5 years ago#1
Well, just started this one up last night. So far so good but the camera will need some getting used toÖespecially since I just finished a game with full motion in the camera while this one seems to be just horizontal. Iíve just played through the intro and got to the first city so far.

Also surprising is the lack of guides out there. Thereís the one walkthrough on here and yet this seems to be the only walkthrough that anyone on the entire internet has written on the game. Sadly, itís nice but itís one of those guides that doesnít seem to give you the info you actually need. I searched desperately for a Precursor Orb guide and one just doesnít exist. Just remarkable. Especially from a game that had a decent sized fanbase. Even the location of the mods seems like a pain to find. I may have to actually settle on the Bradygames guideÖ

Oh wellÖeither way Iím aware of the current reviews of this game and I donít expect it to be as good as the original. Iíve already played the High Impact Ratchet and Clank games and those were pretty lacking as well.

And can anyone confirm whether you can actually go back to these areas that you can't collect orbs in? Like the first city I'm in now? I've heard differing accounts of this.
5 years ago#2
Ah well...still no luck finding a precursor guide. So far I'm having no problem finding what appears to be all of the orbs so far. I got all the ones in the first city as well including the gun courses...despite the walkthrough telling me that I had to come back in Hero Mode. It's one thing to not include certain information in your guide, it's another to just be wrong.

Either way, I am enjoying the game...maybe it's because I ahd low expectations because High Impact has been lackluster in the Ratchet and Clank games but this looks and feels like a Jak game. I also liked how they incorporated the eco powers into the first boss fight. The air battle parts are simplistic but a decent challenge. Plus I laughed a few times at Daxter's antics so that's good too...it's good they got the same voice actor back. I actually didn't even notice that Jak's VA had changed...guess he sounded fairly generic.
5 years ago#3
Sorry, I just haven't had the time to find every precursor orb and write down the locations.

Also, it could just be that I'm not very good at those orb hunt minigames. I struggled with a few of them even with slowing down time, and so assumed that they just wouldn't be possible without it. If you managed to do them, my hat's off to you, you're much better than I am.
<---- FAQs that way.
5 years ago#4
Wow, someone's here!

Either way I don't mean to bash your guide too much as I found a few parts useful so far but it's awfully weird that there is so little info out there. Even the most obscure games usually have a big list or two made by someone.

And the Orbs hunts were really just using the square button dash to find them. There's a few tough ones at the start that make you think they'll all be that tough but many of them I got with many seconds to spare. Give it a try and you'll find only a few of them are really cutting it that close.

At this point I may just settle for a mods location guide if I could find it. It's hard to tell if I've missed anything so far.
5 years ago#5
It's been a while since I played, but if I remember right, most of the mods are in relatively straightforward locations (although I was still missing one myself on my last playthrough. I should really go back to the game and play it again.) Be sure to check the area on the Phantom Blade where Keira is - a couple of mods will show up there over the course of the game. There's also an area off to the right of the path on the research rig - you should see one of those teleport statues nearby. It's around the time Daxter comments on the creature in the jar. Look around up there for a mod.
<---- FAQs that way.
5 years ago#6
^On the Keira mods she usually has a message to visit her when one's available so those are hard to miss. Besides I visit her every trip for dark eco upgrades anyway. I'm trying to save up to get that Blue Eco item-seeking power but the skill above it has been locked for a while so I have to wait for that. Good tip on the one after that cutscene...I'll keep an eye out for it. I noticed there are definitely a few hidden ones like the one that needs Yellow Eco on Brink Island.

Currently I'm on the part where you have to get two more pieces of the Eco Seeking thing. I also experienced the gun-switching glitch where I was stuck with one weapon for a while. It started right when I entered the area to get the Light Eco and at first I thought it was some requirement of that area to only use one weapon type but then the boxes were giving me other ammo so I knew it was an issue. Either way I got through that area with just the Yellow shooter weapon and had to use spin attacks to kill the enemies attacking the final area.

Then I remembered reading about not fighting in bar brawls causing some issue and I remember I did just that before going to the Light Eco facility. Went there, got in a fight and problem solved...I was seriously worried I would have to restart.
5 years ago#7
Also, I found a decent mod list for the Guns online...here's a link of anyone needs it. Obviously I don't know if it's correct but it's better than nothing.


Now if only I had a list of the Ship mods...like how many of each type. I know there's no set location and I try to RatchetJack any plane that I see with one. I also know that some types only show up later but I'd still like to know how many of each that I am missing.
5 years ago#8
Got through the Aeropan Barracks last night and am now in the fight where you have to defend the Phantom from the canons. I actually searched for threads with ďscrapĒ in the title for methods to farm scrap and I remember reading about how this was a good fight to farm it and they werenít kidding. With the More Scrap mod Iím able to Daxterjack the last missile and then purposely fail after Iíve gathered all the scrap and itís a good 12,000 each time. Then if I want to upgrade I just hit restart and the convenient menu comes up so I can buy/upgrade stuff. Now I just have to estimate how much scrap Iíll need to buy the rest of the stuff

By the way, I know you can get up to five of many of the mods but you only need to upgrade one and then theyíre all upgraded, correct? (Although Iím not sure why Iíd use more than one at any time).

Also, while Daxterjacking (I love how I called it Ratchetjacking last post) thereís one button pressing that is L1/R1 but at times youíll randomly get electrocuted which is a big drain on the grip gauge. I really canít figure out what triggers the electrocutionÖso far the best I can think of it just jamming the buttons as fast as possible and sometimes Iím able to get through it without being shocked but it still seems somewhat random. Havenít been able to figure that one out.
5 years ago#9
If I'm remembering that one right. . . you either need to hit the buttons both at once or one at a time? If it's the former, and you hit one a little before the other you'll get electrocuted. If it's the latter, hitting one button while the other is pressed results in electrocution. - it's better to do it slightly slower and more accurately than fast and haphazard.
<---- FAQs that way.
5 years ago#10
^Ah, thanks for the help there. I'll try both methods and see how it goes. I assumed it was speed-related and I just wasn't hitting them fast enough.

Without me knowing what's next, I think I'm getting near the end of it. I just finished the big fight at Far Drop and now I'm heading back to the Barracks. I restarted the aerial fight a few times if only because there was a number of good items to Daxterjack in that battle. I'd get one, restart, and then the second time they would have another. It seems that restarting or going back into the ship and coming back out seems to be a good way to spawn ship parts.

I'm still not sure how many of each mod I'm supposed to be getting. Five of each weapon? Maybe two of each mod? I'm not sure. Either way, I'll be playing again on Hero so hopefully I'll get the rest then.

As for Gun Mods, I have a list so I've been checking them off as I go...I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any outside of the Hero Mode ones. I was also surprised that I got 276 orbs since I assumed I had missed more than that. I read there 280 (or 281) so perhaps the rest are in the final area?

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