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4 years ago#11

Well, I beat the game last night. Not a bad ending but the final fights were a bit too easy. Too many health packs in the final fight and then the air battles weren’t tough at all…Armageddon is a bit of a game-breaker for some of it and the Vulcan Cannon chips away at the HP of the big enemies quite a bit. I completely forgot about using the Amplifier on Dark Skyheed but I had just barely enough of the Lobber ammo…I had to use a few dash punches to get those final few hits on him.

On orbs, I found one more orb after smashing the elevator in the third Dark Daxter area. That put my total to 277 and I know I missed the one in the elevator of the first Dark Daxter area so that’s 278 accounted for. I’m not sure which two (or three) I missed from there.

Starting my Hero mode playthrough which seems more straightforward since I did all the sidequests already. It’s supposed to be harder but with the better firepower.
4 years ago#12
Pretty close to the end of Hero mode. Got me all the ship mods and only have the last mod to get in the battle at Far Point. Do the "Secrets" count towards 101% also? Obviously I won't have enough orbs to buy them all and would rather not play it a third time.
4 years ago#13
I have no idea whether the secrets count towards percentage completion or not.
<---- FAQs that way.
4 years ago#14
Well as of right now I'm at exactly 100% for everything and I still have three secrets I haven't been able to purchase. Of course I'm not playing it a third time to find out....that'll have to wait.

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