love jak and daxter..

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5 years ago#1
ive played every one... but now they have PLANES!? OMG IM SO GETTING THIS! O_O
bold text fail! :P
4 years ago#2
I just finished it 5 seconds ago. It was a great game! Quite lengthy, too for a PSP platformer. Took me 10 hours. - PSN/XBL=crazyaejay
4 years ago#3

does it have an open world? i have always been curious about this. I love all of the Jak and Daxter games too... 

4 years ago#4
Kind of. You travel to different areas by plane. It's pretty fun, though. - PSN/XBL=crazyaejay
4 years ago#5
who else loves the theme from the pirate radio tower in far drop?
bold text fail! :P

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