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7 years ago#1
Hey all, just got to Zoonkeiji and I've been playing on normal for the whole game. Now at a few points I had a really tough time, but this is crazy. I'm at level 4 at the enemies there are just massacring me, and I can't beat them quickly enough. So I want to properly dualize now since I haven't really done much of it, if at all, for the whole game.

I understand the basic properties of it, but what I don't understand is when people say that I can dualize a good weapon. I know that you can make good mysterious orbs which you can equip, but do those actually affect stats? I don't think you can dualize the orb with weapons, either, so how could I make a strong weapon or especially armor? Maybe an example would help. I've seen Kiary's very straightforward and simple guide here on Gfaqs, but I still don't quite get how to actually make a powerful weapon or armour.

Thanks for any help!
7 years ago#2
Damn, apologies for the double post, but I also needed to ask: after you dualize say a weapon, I know you need to fight more before you can dualize it again, but I was just wondering if you actually need to have the weapon/armor in question equipped in order for it to become available to dualize again or not. Thanks again!
7 years ago#3
You need to have it equipped IIRC.

Also, you'll get some armors and weapons that are really good but have a really random attribute on them, like the God weapons you get from the 6 optional Artemis bosses in the final dungeon. All of em will have either an Angel or Necromancer attribute. It gets pretty tricky to get those effects off of them as efficiently as possible. I would stick a low level piece onto two of those weapons, like a lvl 1, then dualize those two weapons together. It should theoretically give you those gems with both the Necromancer and Angel attribute, since they are higher lever, leaving the two lesser but more important attributes on the weapon.

And this leads to an obvious observation. the higher the level of effect, the more precedence it has in making the final object.

EX: You have a weapon with Atk[1] and Def[3] and another with Evd[5] and hit[2]
You'll end up with a Def[2] and Evd[5] orb while the Atk and Hit attributes are left on the weapon
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7 years ago#4
Thanks for the quick response. I was just wondering then if those weapons you're talking about were random drops, because I only maybe got one or two, and I'm even sure about that. Also, you mentioned those two attributes, what do they do, and, if I got an orb with both of them, what would I do it? Just equip it, and that would make the characters stronger?
7 years ago#5
Bump. I'd really like to know about this more, like, I just made a yellow crystal from two defense piece [3]'s from Asbel and Malik's unique armor's, and the crystal just gave me about 30 defense points...it doesn't seem like that much. I can't seem to dualize it with an armor, so any tips would be appreciated.
7 years ago#6
You equip those crystals on your accessory slot. You can also dualize them with other crystals.
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7 years ago#7
Thanks. Sorry for not clarifying there. I know you can equip them, what I mean was that 30 defense doesn't seem like a huge boost, or enough of a boost to not die in one hit in Zoonkeiji. But if you dualize it with another crystal maybe the boost would be better. I only have like three defense pieces right now though, and this is from the whole game. Anyone know where to find some?
7 years ago#8
Well weapons do get better slowly every time you dualize them but it's not such a big diifference unless you use pieces with good natures (which aren't that common). As far as I know, the pieces you get for dualizing on weapons/armors are dropped randomly from monsters and the better the monster, the higher the level of the pieces. Also, I think you get more pieces if you don't have too many.

Here are the basics on dualizing weapons/armors and it's benefits (you might know all of this):

As for the enemies... get used to it. At east you are playing on normal XD

Dualizing will give you a few benefits but it probably won't make such a big difference.

IMO, the best way to deal with the enemies in the last few parts of the game is to be very, very aggressive (I was using Asbel) with B style artes attacking the enemies that are more damaging (lizards that hit really fast or monsters that use spells)... and dodge effectively and don't get hit.
The AI should probably be aggressive for the most part as well... you can try things like having them attack other enemies. If you have them healing too much they might keep getting hit... you can go back to being more defensive after the most annoying enemies are killed.

As for the Zoonkeiji Lv4... the enemies hit really hard there, but they don't on the later floors as far as I remember. It's kind of like the special thing about that floor... Some of Asbel's B style hits for a lot there IIRC, I got through there by using artes that moved Asbel after/while attacking.
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