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7 years ago#1
Is it true you can make your own gundam in the game? If so, to what extent?
7 years ago#2
Haken: Arisu in wonderland, heh...
Reiji: If you find any white rabbits, let me know so I can shoot them.
7 years ago#3
i wish i could, but no. and then again, i also wish they allow us to give units extra weapon, like SRW OG in GBA, where we can give units additional weapon :D
I do what i want, you got problem?
-Quina of FF IX-
7 years ago#4
go play ms saga if you want to create your gundam
I had snoosnoo.
7 years ago#5
Ok thank you. I did play ms saga loved it, its a shame that game needs more press, it really is a great game!
7 years ago#6
gundams were ok. gameplay was so-so. and none of the main chars really stood out. i'd say for a fan of gundams only.

if only they could incorporate that into this type of game. or maybe even in mosou.
I had snoosnoo.
7 years ago#7
I wouldn't mind seeing a Front Mission style Gundam game, with the parts from all gundam universes available to mix and match. :)
7 years ago#8
Oh man create a mobile suit would be awesome in the musou series!
7 years ago#9
Then we'd be stuck with a bunch of generic Strike Freedom/Deathscythe Hell crossovers. >_>
Welcome to GFAQs, where the word logic gets thrown around willy nilly, despite there being very little of it.
7 years ago#10
What I want is Amuro's custom Zaku II XD

It'd be white, red, blue and yellow!
The PS2 Version has been compromised, yes it's the game you are reading/writing about.
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