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User Info: redcloud12345

7 years ago#1

there is no way this is being built on an un-modified version of the origins engine. the game looks MUCH better then origins did on the ps2. much much better. now, I believe they will make it look better on the wii, no doubt. no matter what ps2 players say. me being one. and yeah im lame.. Im going to buy a wii basicly because this game is going to be on it. I like the wii controls. so. yeah. but i think its going to look better on the wii. either way, I think its bs to say this is going to look like origins did entirely.

User Info: BoyLover_X

7 years ago#2
the game looks MUCH better then origins did on the ps2.

There are no pictures of this game for PS2 yet, as far as I know.

All the pictures are from the Wii version, that's why it looks much better than the PS2 Silent Hill games.
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