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User Info: Anthonyelmio3

7 years ago#1
the box art for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Do you like it or hate it and which logo looks better
the original incarnation

or the new one on the box art

User Info: RajKhN

7 years ago#2
I hate them, they're lame. I want an artwork and better fonts for the title.

I wonder if this game will ever give that fleshy and rusty vibe of the previous ones. Cold doesn't cut it.
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User Info: zemutt

7 years ago#3
i doubt it, this one seems to be centered around an icy theme

User Info: _Shuyin_

7 years ago#4
Well, I like the idea that the "Otherworld" looks different for other people:

Alessa: blood and flesh
James: dark and waterlogged
Angela: on fire.
Walter: important places of the past connected together
Alex: Industrial

A lot of people just associate Silent Hill games with Alessa's vision, but thats probably cause the Aless-storyline spawns across three games and is shown more than the others.

I welcome the addition of ice in this revision of SH1. Besides, falling snow at night is beautiful to look at.

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