As long as it's better than room #4

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7 years ago#11
It's not a shooters game and obviously I doubt ever will this game should have kept the weapons as an option like last ditch but since you cant even hurt the things kinda pointless but I they should have had them so they could slow down or cause them to be stopped for a period of time like a healing time or something
7 years ago#12
>I think 4 was good, but the ghosts invincibility killed it in part. I hope this game isn't hard and let's me explore at my own pace. as opposed to be always being persued.

From my understanding of preview material this game will actually be worse in that regard. You won't be able to fight most if any of your pursuers and judging by the trailers they'll actually be even more relentless than anything in ANY previous horror game. In one trailer, Harry climbs a fence only to have 2 of the 3 things he was trying to get away from climb right over after he did, and they weren't slow.
7 years ago#13
I get that, but I don't want it to remain a constant throughout the game. Surely I don't mind a mode where I am always running, but if I can choose, I want a mode where I can explore at my own pace without always worrying about having to run.

Having to run won't make the game necessarily scarier either. I am afraid of having to enter rooms, look at them "with runners vision" (like in Mirror's Edge) - I mean, look at what items/passages I really need, and not notice the horror details outside a wndow (if they put them here that is).
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7 years ago#14

They never said anything about an explore mode once in a while you will take pictures of areas you recognize from past silent hill games or from 1st one but you cant turn the enemies off and on, they will chase you all the way too the end so really no. I find it annoying that I cant fight them off so I can find hidden stuff which means there are no stuff like that in those areas. I rather play sh4 if I had to choose one it's a lot cheaper and well if I had to choose from this or that.

Silent hill 3 is my all time favorite though so probably just stick to whats to me perfect or close enough to perfection for a silent hill game.

7 years ago#15
What's Room #4? I don't remember there being a game called Room #4. Anyway, enough of the sarcasm. Why does everyone hate "Silent Hill 4: The Room"? I love that game! Okay, so it was different. That was unavoidable considering Team Silent disbanded by then. I think the Victims give it a good difficulty. I think it's creators did a good job, considering that they're not Team Silent.
7 years ago#16
Sorry for the double post, but Henry doesn't really need to understand what's going on. he may be the character you control in-game, but he matters just about as much to the story as the other Victims.
7 years ago#17
Well Henry of SH4 is more of a vessel for the player than anything (best demonstrated when in FPV mode). SH4 isn't about Henry at all - it's purely Walter Sullivan's story.
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