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When I found that in the Wii Version you actually have to move your arms around to jump, climb, duck, ect. I thought to myself: That probably makes the nightmare sequences a lot scarier. Then I was disappointed, that that feature obviously doesn't come with the PS2 Version. Then I had an Idea.

This may sound a little silly now, but you have to try. It will be a different, but very good gaming experience.

During Nightmare sequences you stand up (make sure there's enough room around you) and you mimic the moves Harry does with your whole body. You crawl when he crawls, jump when he jumps. And you strike your elbows as if the monsters were clinging to your right side, not Harry's. Of course you shouldn't forget to press the right buttons on the controller as well, but that's not difficult.

Told you it was going to sound silly. But it really is a lot of fun. Everyone who complains, that this game isn't scary enough (that included me) should have a good, nightmarish time playing it this way.
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There is really only one move that is a little difficult to perform indoors without breaking anything. That is climbing over fences and stuff. I just get on tip toes as high as I can and mimic the way Harry lands on the ground on the other side.
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How long does it take before a topic gets archived? I'd love to get some opinions on this.
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Forget it. I tried to get answers recently but this board is dead. Plus, this "Silent Hill" game feels like the least in the series - not even a zombie nurse in sight.
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While it's certainly not as good as other SH's it's not a bad game at all.