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Was the "bad" ending really a surprise to anyone? *spoilers obviously* (Archived)DaisukeNiwafan42/14/2010
Best Silent Hill in years (Archived)
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what can you say with the theme song of sh:sm (Archived)borjman2252/13/2010
Should they have used the same characters? <Spoilers> (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Examining Objects (Archived)Eric03792/11/2010
Should I be concerned about these glitches? (Archived)FunkyDanMan52/9/2010
Why didn't they just make a sequel instead? (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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Wii/PS2 Comparison Video (Archived)Sebastianto82/8/2010
Codebreaker Codes? (Archived)Sefirosukuraodo32/8/2010
Is this any less frustrating on PS2? (Archived)suine_hallock72/7/2010
How does this one's gameplay compare to Silent Hill 3? (Archived)ShinHakuIce92/7/2010
Silent Hill makes me feel homy (Archived)
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Yes you CAN play this on a backwards compatible PS3. Your welcome... (Archived)majin_shenmue12/5/2010
Lagging and Graphics Questions (Archived)Eric03752/5/2010
This board is WAY too slow. (Archived)
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Why is this version not as highly rated as the Wii? (Archived)
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wii vs. ps2 help a girl out (Archived)Drethebear82/4/2010
speed run (Archived)BattleAxeRX42/3/2010
I really like punk rock Dahlia (Archived)BattleAxeRX52/3/2010
Just beat the game, saved over my file, and now I'm pissed off immensely. (Archived)Darkside_Hazuki52/3/2010
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