New Characters list of Plants VS Zombies 2

#1vicky222114Posted 7/28/2010 7:20:59 PM
Plants VS Zombies 2 is coming. Let's preview the New Characters of Plants VS Zombies 2:

Character 1 Long Tribulus

Long Tribulus has rapid digestion, and it can swallow anything but machinery and giant. It has to be grown in the mouth takes. It will do great harm to others.

Character 2 Stone fruit

More list from:
#2Bnkai4tailLuffyPosted 7/31/2010 2:45:21 PM
I doubt that's real, considering the first event semi-known to have to do with PvZ2 is not released until August 2nd.
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True, i have my doubts too. The weird grammar used in the article for one thing, and the uninspiring plant designs (you would expect a 'Garlic Angel' to look 'angelic', if this is real it's rather disappointing coming from PopCap who have always excelled in art direction)
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Obviously done by somebody that doesn't have English as a first language.
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and uses paint to edit like a 12 year old
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