Axe of the Elements Mistake

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6 years ago#1
Ok, so I made a lame mistake and ended up getting the Axe of the Wind when I completed the quest, I don't keep old saves, so that nipped me in the butt so I have nothing to revert to.

Was wondering if it is even possible to spawn the base Axe of the Elements through the console command "item", I can get it to spawn just about anything with one word in the name, but nothing with two or more words...

Does anyone know the proper console command for spawning it in your inventory?
6 years ago#2
How did you get the Axe of Wind from a quest?

I got the first part of the axe when I purchased it in Montero, then I charged it in all of those altars.
6 years ago#3
I purchased the Axe of the Elements from the dwarf, but apparently the first obelisk you touch with the Axe decides the element it obtains, there also doesn't seem to be a way to change it.
6 years ago#4
Oh, I didn't know that.

Always thought it was a so so artifact...Does it always benefit Dwarfs?

Mine is the frozen element, so if a 1-3 level dwarf attacks, it freezes its enemy for no counter attacks. I never use dwarven fighters, so it does nothing for me.

Do you, by chance know which order is the best for the axe?
6 years ago#5
Lightning, IMO. Even though one of its effects boosts just a single spell (Lightning, of course), which you may or may not be using, it also gives a substantial crit bonus (one of the most important stats, really) to all of your units. The higher you can stack it, the more valuable it becomes, simply because a crit is a guaranteed max damage roll multiplied by 1.5. Given that dealing massive damage upfront to an enemy stack like that also weakens their ability to do damage back, it puts you in a very, very good position. Royal Griffins with 70% crit or Paladins led by a Paladin with the 40% damage boost and 100% crit are very, very scary units.

Also, do note that Droids are LV3 Dwarven units and as a pair, are some of the most broken units in the game. Therefore, if you're a fan of them, the other axes can make them even more broken.
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