How do you shoot?

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6 years ago#1
What are the mechanics for shooting?

This is the first soccer game I've ever played and I have no idea what the mechanics are for shooting. I'm simply pressing the X button, then I'm always treated to the ball flying 40 feet above the net, even when I'm a few feet away.

I understand you get better accuracy by pressing the right trigger, that doesn't help me. Should I be pressing and holding X, tapping X, tapping X repeatedly, double tapping, WHAT?!??!
6 years ago#2
Shooting has a "Power Gauge", the longer you hold X the more power etc, when you go full power thats what I would call Red Lining it. For most shots you really only need half power unless your player is stable right before shooting then you can add a little more power. You can't just shoot whenever you feel, the player has to be balanced etc for a good shot on goal. I suggest going into Training mode to practice shooting, soon enough you'll get the hang of it.
6 years ago#3
^ i'm sorry, not trying to be an ass but it's not a power meter. it's a height gauge. MEaning, the longer you hold X the HIGHER the ball goes. Not "more powerful" Everything depends on your player's positioning. My advice is to tap. NEVER go above half the bar. Hell, i barely go 3rd of the bar most of the time. OBviously if you shoot from 30+ meters out, you want to give it a little more height cause the ball will dip, more often than not.

Practice a lot. Go into training and get a feel. Also one more little tip, use that right trigger when you're shooting inside the penalty box. IT gives you a much more accurate shot, not as powerful though. Nice way to put that ball where you want it.
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-homer simpson
6 years ago#4
^^I too am sorry and am not being an ass, but google is your friend and so is the manual that comes with the game. It is in fact a power gauge. I don't know how many times I've had a shot with half or more power and it goes along the ground into the corner of the net.
6 years ago#5
yea, no. Trust me guy i've been playing pro evo series since winning eleven 7, and this is roughly 5 yrs later. I know what i'm talking about. Manual will say "power gauge" in this game. Go back to the older versions. It's all about the height gauge, shot gauge. never does it say power. Cause power matters on how your guy is positioned.

Here is an example. If you get a chance to run on a ball about 25 m out and you TAP it. It'll be still a powerful shot that will go along the ground. IF you're running with it at your feet and you have 3 people surrounding you, then by all means go half the shot gauge bar or above. TI'll be a decent shot. Why? Because you're overcompensating for crappy positioning.
of course EVERYTHING looks bad if you remember it.
-homer simpson
6 years ago#6
I read the manual when I got home last night and it mentions power gauge about 5 times, but it does mention that the power gauge is also a rough height guage, but it only says this once! I've been playing since Pro Evo 4 so roughly 5-6 yrs. In this instance neither of us is wrong and we are both right so we'll leave it at that.
6 years ago#7
yea there you go. Sounds good to me, bottom line is practice and see how it works for ya. l

let me know TC, how your training is goin
of course EVERYTHING looks bad if you remember it.
-homer simpson
6 years ago#8
Thanks for the tips. I can score every once in a while now, but I have to be right up on the goal. I'm still trying.

Even with a tap I've never had the ball go across the ground. It always launches into the air. Most of my goals are the result of the ball launching into the air, but I'm so close to the goal it still goes in. I figure I'm not holding the left analog stick properly. Maybe I should be holding it down when I tap X.
6 years ago#9
nah thats just aim. r u shooting while your guy is in an odd position? like back to the goal, or he's got a bunch of people around him or something? also who are you playin as?
of course EVERYTHING looks bad if you remember it.
-homer simpson
6 years ago#10
Become a legend... and it's gotten to the point of ridiculousness. I got so tired of launching 30 feet above the goal that I started to take shots from further and further back, hoping that the extremely high shot would eventually come out of orbit and land in the general vicinity of the goal.

Each time I backed up I got the exact same result. The ball always goes over the goal, almost at the exact same distance from the top of the goal each time. I could even take a shot from midfield - same result. I put it on beginner difficulty so I could get in the position of wide open, uncintested shots that I could slow down.

I just can't shoot goals in this game apparently... seems like the only goal the game will allow is if I just flat out dribble the ball to the back of the goal.

Oh well.

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