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7 years ago#1
.I was considering buying the game and I wonder how good the game is. So can anyone who has played it give an opinion?

And what are the requirements? (My laptop is over 4 years old...)
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7 years ago#2
I certainly enjoyed playing it. Out of the mass of adventures that swept over us during the last two, three years (mainly coming from Germany) this one I enjoyed more than most of the others. It is quite a long game compared to many other titles in this genre. And the humour is just my style. Some games try hard to be funny but you can smell a coming joke from a mile, and then it is often really flat. In BoUT you can see that the developers liked the games they parodied, especially World of Warcraft. I just hope the English voice-over will be as good as the German one.

The graphics engine, OGRE3D, is the same that was used in Deck 13's titles Ankh and Jack Keane although it is looking far better in BoUT. The great advantage is that older machines can still run the game.

System specs are:
CPU: 1.5 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 5 gigs free
Graphics: 128 MB RAM/Shader Model 2.0/DirectX 9.0c

If you like classic-style point'n'click adventures there are far worse games to buy. A downside for genre fans might be the shallow difficulty.
7 years ago#3
.Thanks for the quick reply.

Hmm, looking at my Laptop's specs:

CPU... barely
RAM... ok
HDD... ok (but 5 gb, damn)
Graphics... maybe, probably just barely ok

Haven't seen the game around my place yet, though, so far.
.Nobody is perfect, I'm nobody. :-
7 years ago#4
The game's been temporarily unavailable at Amazon, with shipping now anywhere between one and three weeks. I hope this has to do with overwhelming sales figures and less copies on store shelves than needed.
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