Um, having an issue with A Dyeing Request

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6 years ago#1
I bought the strategy guide around Chapter 8, just because I skimmed through it and liked what I saw as far as information goes. I just finished Chapter 11 and had done a side-quest for the boutique called "A Dyeing Request". Apparently, so says the guide, I was supposed to get so and so clothes. While I did get most of them, I am missing the following.

Leanne/Style B/(PARAGON) Boy, Girl, and Equalizer.
Zephyr/Style A/(PARAGON) Sunbeam

Wouldn't be a problem if I had been given the PARAGON clothes, as I don't give a damn for Style A clothes. Do these come in Chapter 12 due to the whole expansion in inventory? I haven't checked yet because I'm not home at the moment.

Just curious because I've already found like two to three mistakes in the guide, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was one of them and the clothes are available later.
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6 years ago#2
Don't worry about it, you'll get all eventually, as long as you uncover all hexes and don't blow up any gold boxes in Neverland.
6 years ago#3
The Paragon clothes are beyond hideous imo. Not even worth getting. Lol. (MY SETUP)
6 years ago#4
Um, yeah. I know about the Hunter gear. What I'm talking about are actually just shirts, prints with each of the characters on the back of the shirt. That and some new jacket color for Zephyr. Guide had said that I would unlocked the styles I listed above after A Dyeing Request but they didn't. I only unlocked about half of what was listed while missing the ones I posted. Just curious as to where I actually do unlock these as the guide appears to be wrong.

That or glitched. I doubt it would be, considering I was given most of the clothes. Pretty sure the guide is wrong, as it has a couple of mistakes already.

Help would be appreciated!
MGO ID: Reine, Reule (War Bunnies)
6 years ago#5
Okay, nevermind. Zephyr's shirt is there, just under A. Misread. Though apparently Leanne's Paragon shirts are in Chapter 13. They printed it being released for 11 in the main part of the guide but in the back where all the clothes are, it's listed for a Chapter 13 mission. Sorry for the thread. I don't really like reading too far ahead in these guides but I answered my own question.

Though, warning for those interested in ever getting it, the have a few errors listed in some of the checklists/rewards. About the second or third time where they put an item or a listed for rank earlier than it would happen.
MGO ID: Reine, Reule (War Bunnies)
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  3. Um, having an issue with A Dyeing Request

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