Farming Scrapped Missle TK2

#1AM1017Posted 4/18/2010 10:07:23 PM
Just a simple guide as to how to farm Scrapped Missile TK2.

Arena 38 (Mine Tank) / Paterapolis (<---Think that's how you spell it) (Missile Plough) .

Easy strategy is to take out all other enemies in area, then use scratch damage to take off all the armor on the sides (only shoot the armor) then keep using Direct damage to take off armor on the sides and also Gauge breaking it so it doesn't attack you. Now is the part where you go to one of the sides it HAS the missile on and DO NOT USE HERO ACTION. Instead just get into the position on the side and stand one place and shoot it with scratch damage FROM THE SIDE and the bullets will automatically attack the missiles on the tank thing! And repeat for the opposite side.

Having lucky charm is helpful also (I think).

Now I know a lot of you will say "Oh wow seriously? You just figured that out?" And yeah I did haha. I couldn't find anything on how to farm these and I am posting this to help people out on how to do it since it bothered the hell out of me when I was trying to farm for the Scrapped Missile TK2. Hope this helps!
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What is Scrapped Missile TK2 used for again? Anyway, good topic as this will help other people that are stuck in that part since most people just Full Scratch and doesn't specify the body part they need to scrap.
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#3crystalchaosPosted 4/18/2010 11:33:35 PM
the arena is just so much easier then going through pateropolis

you pretty much need an anti-poison suit to get to the tank in that stage with full health, and the number of obstructions all over the stage are ridiculous and make it hard to farm it
#4oicavreGaPosted 4/19/2010 12:01:10 AM
Rank 40-3 is great for farming the parts from tanks. Blow off all the parts from the ones on the right and middle and finally the one on the left. Make sure it doesn't kill itself though ;D
#5SudouKyouichiPosted 4/19/2010 3:30:03 AM
The easier way to do it in Paterpolis is to go in and get to the place where theres 2 of them. Have your HG user must be high lvl equip Hawkeyex2 or Hawkeye/Lucky charm and take off both missle plough's armor. You don't even need to move your other 2 charcs.

After your done move to the next room and re-enter the same room gain and repeat. In 1 hour I got around 50+ Scrap Missle TK2 just doing that.
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i prefer arena 49 -> 2 tanks there.
#7SudouKyouichiPosted 4/19/2010 3:44:33 AM
Well I'm stingy even though I have like 7mil, and just looking at the arena bores me to death after getting star from rank 1 to 37 all in 1 go so its no surprise. I'd rather go farm my TK2 else where >.>
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#8rpgianPosted 4/20/2010 5:23:40 PM
that part is used for magazines with extensions I think (mg?)

if you hooked up the arena (farmed teals) then it is just a step away from drop rate,drop rate, x2 rare, (x2 effect). yeah good place
#9Vicious7Posted 4/20/2010 6:28:16 PM
Erm, not sure how farming in Paterpolis is quicker / easier than in the Arena... Or how it's not boring farming in one location compared to the other. It's farming, it's not very pleasant.

Sure you have to unlock all the way up to the mid 30's in the Arnea, but it's a great way to unlock a bunch of farming options. And when you drag up Terminals (Item Drop x 1.5, Rare Item Drop Rate x 2, Item Drop Rate x 2, Other Terminal Effects x 2) it makes it even nicer.
#10SudouKyouichiPosted 4/20/2010 6:45:23 PM
Im not saying I don't like the arena but its just tedious if you what I mean, still have 20 odd ranks left until I get the throphy fot it.

Im just saying whats easier for me in terms of farming TK2. Dosen't auto mean it's the best place to go. I mean sure you might go to the arena to farm your parts others might go elsewhere its just a case of whatever is easier for you.
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