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interesting combat system you have here. (Archived)treos2107/17 9:27PM
Well after a week of struggling - taking game back to the store. (Archived)enovak792435/23 11:23AM
Just got the game - I don't understand battles at all (Archived)enovak792465/17 1:06PM
Looking for Zenith File (Archived)narumima11/20 7:47AM
First run through, ch 14 finally. Hit the difficulty spike. (Archived)BattleAxeRX112/30 10:41PM
Anything I should know before playing this for the first time? (Archived)Frostang2002211/22 10:20AM
Gotta say, I've been missing out (Archived)promist_land110/9 9:52PM
Seems appropriate playing this game around this time of year (Archived)UserDeForum112/20/2013
Leveling up in this game (Archived)Dameeuhn312/18/2013
Random Battles stopped (Archived)demonsweat312/4/2013
Clothing stores (Archived)C3realkillah58/24/2013
Wow, it was worth coming back to this game. (Archived)
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Hard game (Archived)C3realkillah28/20/2013
Dark Green Hex, Help! (Archived)KnockoutNed28/16/2013
Finally i've finished the arena (Archived)3CDED108/12/2013
This game could have been great, I feel, had it not been for the battle system. (Archived)
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Why am I getting killed so easy and battles so hard? (Archived)dragon008598/5/2013
Where can I set up Energy Stations? (Archived)demonsweat36/29/2013
*Spoilers* Q. to accessories & arena fight (Archived)Allen Tax26/23/2013
Really like this game. (Archived)seraphimax65/24/2013
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