Ideal ant base stats? w/glitch?

#1nwtiptonPosted 3/2/2012 3:11:00 AM
My idea was to kill all my ants, then find the best base stats (hp,attack,defense) from all the new level 1 ants, and delete the inferior ones until I have an army of ants with the ideal base stats. However, I ran into a couple weird things.

1) When I dump only a few at a time in the water, the new level 1 ants have the usual base stats (hp~150-180) and can be leveled up fine and the stats increase as normal. But when I dump several ants into the water and kill them all at once, their replacement ants are level 1 but with huge stats (hp~360-400), but when leveled the stats don't increase at all.

2) I killed 2 ants and got 2 replacement level 1 ants of normal base stats, but different from each other, let's call them ants "A" and "B." When I kill ant "A", a replacement ant is created with and "A"s base stats, and when I kill and "B" a replacement ant is created with and "B"s stats.

...that leads me to believe that there is no way to make my army of perfect ants, it's as if every ant in the game has a specific set of base stats, not randomly created as I had thought.

So, I'm wondering if the glitch I was talking about created ants with maxed stats, and that's why they won't raise when leveled. Does anyone out there have level 99 ants? Can you check to see if the stats are anywhere 420hp, 71attack, 128defense? That was the best one I found as a level 1 with that glitch. If level 99's should have higher stats than that, I'll keep leveling my normal ants, but if the glitch makes ants level 1 with max stats, it'll save me a lot of time leveling, and if they die, who cares, they were only lvl 1.