can i play this on my US PS3?

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  3. can i play this on my US PS3?
6 years ago#1
can i play this on my US 60gb PS3?

....and wouldnt it be playable if i didnt speak japanese?...
6 years ago#2
2x post....

i wish theyd release this on PSP er something...
6 years ago#3
Nope. No North American PS3 is capable of playing Japanese PS2 games.
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6 years ago#4
You can play it on a backwards compatible PS3 if you get a swap disk magic version 3.6+ or higher then run it from an external hard drive/jump drive. Though, that would mean that you'd need to convert or pirate it.
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  2. Melty Blood: Actress Again
  3. can i play this on my US PS3?

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