Best WARRIOR skills?

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7 years ago#1
right now I'm focusing on passives, and I'm crazy-upping my strength and constitution. Sadly I find myself missing a lot, so I'm going to focus on accuracy next. Im level...12 I think.

What are some good actives to look out for? Are DMG and CON the bread and butter of a warrior?
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7 years ago#2
Pure Str is the most common build, but I tweaked it a little to give you more life in the end. Where you are right now, though, every point in str will serve you just fine.

As far as skills are concerned, work on passives first. I don't know the names off hand, but the increase crit chance and accuracy should be the first ones you max out. At that point, you should be beyond level 24, so max the Strength of the Bear (or whatever it's called, the raw damage passive that only allows 2 points), and put points in Mateo and Berserker Spirit. Stop putting points in Mateo when you have 7, by then it'll be able to clear screens of enemies a couple levels higher than you, and stop with Berserker Spirit around 5. Beyond that, everything else is a toss up. The only two skills you really don't need are Panic Shout and whatever Passive raises SP.

Sorry about that small wall o' text... In summary:
Max accuracy
Max crit
7 points in Mateo
5 points in Berserker Rage
Max raw damage
Whatever you want, preferably not active skills until you have a couple -SP enchants under your belt.
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7 years ago#3
well i chose to up my active skills at the beginning when enemies didnt d o much damage anyways and then went over to the passive at around lvl 20?
7 years ago#4
Put no more than 1 point in all your active skills (except panic shout) early on, then get to work on your passives.
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7 years ago#5
thats not very effective... i would work on one passive skill or 2 active skills at a time
7 years ago#6
Putting more than a couple points in active skills at a low level's going to burn sp, and as a warrior, str is much more important than spi. Put points in all the active skills except panic shout because they are all prerequisites for the better skills (I.e. Double attack, shining blade, mateo, berserker spirit). Then work on your passives one at a time.
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