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6 years ago#1
I'm currently trying to complete the "We Will All Go Together" quest given Sergeant Astor in Camp Searchlight and for the life of me I can't find the last dog tag. My map is showing the marker next to a building that's by the destroyed car on the main road (you can see the broken bridge) but there's nothing there!

Any help?
6 years ago#2
Any help?
6 years ago#3
I am having the same problem! the marker is pointing right in the middle of town next to the burnt car that
boarded house and the pile of tires. I can't find it or the key to the fire house. could be a glitch :(
6 years ago#4
I solved it!
that marker is not the location of the tag, you have to look all over and make sure you checked every ghoul that was killed. The last tag i found was in a couple chunks of ghoul meat by the bridge Also there is a normal ghoul name Edward who has one he is in one of the houses steal, kill or talk him out of it.
6 years ago#5
I found the last dogtag I needed in the fire house by the vending machine there. There was a ghoul soldier lying there dead.


Of course you have to fight a Queen Radscorp in there, and get the key from Logan from another quest (Or just kill him since that quest glitched for me...)


I hope that helps guys. I was looking for hours last night.
6 years ago#6
huh, thats odd all the tags were outside for me.......hmmmmmmm
6 years ago#7
well at least i got the free radical challenge done lol
6 years ago#8
So what was the reward for that quest? I am tired of searching for the bloody tag.
6 years ago#9
This was the most annoying quest ever, I spend probably a dozen or more in-game days waiting and looking around. Every few days sometimes I would find two new dead bodies with tags on them until finally I had enough.
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