where is the key for the vault 34 armory?

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6 years ago#1
i just fought my way all the way through vault 34 to the armory only to find out i need a key.. so where can i find it?
March 24, 2009. RiP n00bierthanu
6 years ago#2
needs to be unlocked from one of the terminals
6 years ago#3
i just looked it up on the wiki, where is the water i am supposed to swim in? and i need 100.. wtf is witb this game in science its needed so much compared to fall out 3
March 24, 2009. RiP n00bierthanu
6 years ago#4
hmm, i never needed science 100, in fact I'm only at like science 31 and I got through the armory.

Vault 34 is difficult, everyone seems to have trouble with it, it's hard for me to remember all that needs to be done. Try this though, stick to the left side of the walls, that's the best way to get out of a maze is just stick to one side and you're bound to make it through all the rooms. So now there's 2 underwater spots, if you get into them look for a ghoul under a desk in both of them, he'll have a terminal thing on him. Then just start looking for terminals, one of them lets you pump the water out of one of those shafts and you can go further down, you'll eventually find a terminal to unlock the armory.
6 years ago#5

Thanks for the info.

6 years ago#6
Vault 34 is easy.

Swim in water filled floors.

Get holotapes w/ pw from dead techs.

Unlock doors via terminal.

Unlock armory thru Overseer's computer.


Lots of good stuff in the armory.
[ PSN.jameelinus|XBL.hellojc ]
6 years ago#7
since the vault is so easy for you, can you tell me where the vault dwellers are after you save them by transfering the power control instead of blowing up the reactor? Would like to know since know one else has ever answered this for me, and it's so easy for you, you must know the answer.
6 years ago#8
well i got to the overseers terminal but i dont have the password, wherr can i find it?
March 24, 2009. RiP n00bierthanu
6 years ago#9
The terminal that opens the armory is in the overseer's office. You get the password from searching the overseer after killing him. To unlock the overseer's office you need to have drained the water from where you found the second password. Once the water is drained you can run down and open a door that wasnt openable cause it was flooded. In that area is a terminal that unlocks overseer's office.

So basically the short, short version: I hope :)

First underwater area: grab password 1 (we will call it)
Second underwater area : grab password 2
One terminal drains the water from where you found password 2
After draining water where password 2 is, go through newly opened door.
Use password number 2 on terminal to open overseer's office door
Kill overseer, get password to use on terminal in overseer's office to unlock the armory
Head to armory and collect some sweet loot

Head futher down from overseer's office to complete a quest.

I did this last night, IIRC this is how it basically works. Plus a bunch of Radiation and Ghouls. Take your space suit and have fun!!!
Sleeping is a waste of time.
6 years ago#10
so heres the problem.. theres no overseer, unless its not in his own office?
March 24, 2009. RiP n00bierthanu
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  3. where is the key for the vault 34 armory?

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