Who do you talk to in Gomorah to start Omerta side quests?

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I went in there and from all I can see, you can gamble and listen to people getting it on in the lower levels. Lots of locked doors in this place that I'd really like to pick.

Who do I talk to to star ta quest? I'm assuming every smaller faction, like the White Gloves, have a quest.
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No idea
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The girl at the front desk. Persuade her to leak a secret and she'll tell you to see a mafia lieutenant. Pick his pocket and blackmail him.
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and how do you get to speak with them for the pimpboy?
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I'm pretty sure most faction quest lines require you to deal with the Omertas at some point, starting the quest. The easiest version of the quest to intentionally activate, however, is likely the Wildcard (independent) line's. Just go to the 13th floor in the Tops Casino and sneak into Benny's room (the one with the double doors). Off of the bedroom is a robot called Yes Man who will give you all the information you need on how to start the faction quests without being tied to any one faction.

There's not much to be gained from the Omerta's, however, beyond their involvement in the faction wars. There aren't any cool weapons, armors, perks, or other rewards that I've found there, and even the most good-aligned solution I've found leaves the Omertas under the control of such a weak willed, evil minded little weasel that I'd shoot him in a heartbeat if I could get away with it. As it is, I still tend to quicksave so I can get it out of my system...