Taking down deathclaws and nightstalkers

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User Info: duddddeeeeee16

6 years ago#1
Alright, so I'll say it: these guys tear me a new one whenever I find them. I'm a level 8 right now, so maybe that is the source of the problem, but regardless, I was wondering if anyone has a good tactic for taking them down.

I haven't really experimented with ammo types yet so maybe that would help, but for the most part it's basically "hey it's a deathcl- *falls dead after one swipe*".
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User Info: Seefu Sefirosu

Seefu Sefirosu
6 years ago#2
Nightstalkers are easy, imo, it's the deathclaws that kick my ass.
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User Info: zestysquirrl

6 years ago#3
run away till level 15 or so
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User Info: XgArrancar

6 years ago#4
You really need to look before you leap. Spotting a death claw before he spots you can make the difference between life and death. This is why perception is useful.

User Info: Tschudy15

6 years ago#5
With nightstalkers, I just unload an automatic weapon on them. With deathclaws, however, you either get them with a sneak attack from an AMR, or VATS the hell out of their head, using armor piercing rounds with whichever option you pick.
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User Info: enterthefire

6 years ago#6
I've ran into a pack of about 5 nightstalkers before...had a rebar club with me.

They charged straight at me then veered off suddenly to attack this group of geckos that was also chasing me (but i didn't know.)

I let both groups duke it out and eventually only 2 nightstalkers survived before i stepped in to settle the matter. I was about level 10.
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User Info: clubs10

6 years ago#7
just avoid deathclaws for now and when you cant avoid them try to break their legs so they can't get you and the nightstalkers getting ED-E in primm will help as you can Vats target them when they are invisible.
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User Info: TheOinkanator

6 years ago#8
Deathclaws are straight up nasty; avoid them if possible.
Night Stalkers are only a problem in packs, but even then they aren't that bad if you can climb up out of their reach and then rain death on them.

User Info: hafertepe

6 years ago#9
Best way to kill a pack of things like that is to run backwards with them chasing you and just toss mines at em.

If you have enough mines anyway.....
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User Info: zX_Haloman_Xz

6 years ago#10
I hate Night Stalkers with a passion.

When I do use V.A.T.S on them, I get a 95% Chance to head shot them, and I miss my volley of 5 pistol shots somehow.

Also, when they close the distance, they wreck my level 7 NCR Bandoleer Armored ass in 1-2 hits.

Failing that, they will swarm and make short work of ED-E.
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