Evidence of who kidnapped Boone's wife...?

#1agenttravPosted 10/28/2010 8:44:33 PM
It says I need to go to the Hotel Lobby to find evidence. I've searched high and low and can't seem to find any evidence. Anyone wanna point me in the right direction? Feel like I'm spinning my wheels here...

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#2l33t_h4xPosted 10/28/2010 8:45:03 PM
There's a safe on the floor behind the counter.
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#3NikoreJMPosted 10/28/2010 8:45:05 PM
In a safe on the floor where Jeannie May stands.
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#4SneakersOtoolePosted 10/28/2010 8:45:15 PM
Did you open the safe?
#5agenttrav(Topic Creator)Posted 10/28/2010 8:46:09 PM
K, I'm dumb...thank you VERY much guys.

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#6Guillermo55Posted 10/28/2010 8:46:57 PM
Jay did it.
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#7VileaerokPosted 10/28/2010 8:47:54 PM
I think you can pickpocket her as well - so at night you can just get it from her sleeping. He house is across from the Motel (for those without Lockpick)
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#8AszunnaPosted 10/28/2010 8:51:07 PM

wow i spent 30 mins looking for The dino lite lobby, I eventually decided that obsiden forgot to add the lobby since the door clearly does not say lobby when I scroll over it. I swear, I guess thats kinda my fault but couldn't they have labeled the DAM thing correctly.