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6 years ago#1
If i have already done some of the companion sidequest prequisite events before picking up the companion will it still count for the companion when i pick him up. For instance i did like 4 events before i picked up boone and im not shure if it counts towards opening his side quest.

Thank you for any help!
6 years ago#2
i'd like to know as well. i couldnt get boones quest, but i didnt use him for long, i did a bunch of the stuff before i got him
6 years ago#3
did you talk to boone about bittersprings?
If you earned points, he will slowly open up.
0 points - "What happened?" This discussion is over.
1 point - "What happened?" We won.
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6 years ago#4
if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated
6 years ago#5
Give me a few, and I will post them from my guide.
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6 years ago#6
What? I just suggested what to do.
Talk to boone and see how much of bittersprings he'll reveal. it's like an indicator of how many points you got.
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6 years ago#7
he said something like "that part of my life is over" and that he a manny were no longer friends. and explained what outfit he was in.

thanks for the replies!
6 years ago#8
if you don't get the quest "I forgot to remember to forget," then you may be missing some points
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6 years ago#9
yeah i figured you probaly gotta do the events with them in your party
6 years ago#10
For Boone: Get Boone to 5 points
Free Quest: Silus Treatment - Kill Silus: +1 Point
Side Quest: I Put a Spell On You - Kill Captain Curtis: +1 Point
Main Quest: Rendur Unto Caesar - Kill Caesar: + 2 Points
Side Quest: Booted - Save and release the Powder Ganger Hostages: +2 Points
Unrelated - Kill Vulpes Inculta: +1 Point
Side Quest: Back In Your Own Backyard - Save all crucified NCR hostages: +2 Points
Side Quest: Back In Your Own Backyard - Kill all crucified NCR hostages: +1 Point
Side Quest: Eye for an Eye - Kill all Legion at Camp Cottonwood + 2 Points

For Arcade: Get Arcade to 5 points, quest will trigger mid-late plot line. After Wild Card: Side Bets or House Is Bust!
Side Quest: The White Wash - Complete quest & arrest Anderson, keep Westside supplied with water: +1 Point
Side Quest: The White Wash - Complete quest & blame Scorpion gang: +2 Points
Side Quest: There Stands the Grass - Doctor Hildern about the OSI with Arcade present, after quest: +1 Point
Main Quest: Render Unto Caesar - Visit The Fort with Arcade, tell him you only want to see what the Legion is up to, then leave: +3 Points
Side Quest: That Lucky Old Sun - Complete quest and direct power to Freeside: +1 Point
Unrelated - Enter REPCONN Test Site - Triggers conversation: +1 Point
Unrelated - Visit Crashed Vertibird - Triggers conversation: +1 Point

Visit the following individuals:
Ranger Andy in Novac
Loyal in Nellis Air Force Base
Corporal Sterling in Camp McCarren

Overhear any of a number of words relating to technology. Speaking with Arcade, Lady Gibson, Brotherhood of Steel Elder, or people in Helios is best. Some of these require that you wait 9 days before hearing more "key words"
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