Where can I get some good weapons, armor, items??

#1protools1983Posted 10/30/2010 7:29:26 AM
For some reason I am finding this game way more difficult than the first. My character is a total pushover. I feel I am allotting points pretty well as I have 60+ hours in F3 and have a pretty good handle on it.

I just cant seem to win many fights (mostly with multiple enemies)

What can I do to up the odds in my favor?
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#2disaxisPosted 10/30/2010 7:30:33 AM
Visit the GunRunners.
#3LiLS0APPosted 10/30/2010 7:35:06 AM
seems they added enemy quality over quantity
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#4protools1983(Topic Creator)Posted 10/30/2010 7:39:35 AM
Where can I find these gunrunners? Can I steal from them?
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#5disaxisPosted 10/30/2010 7:42:23 AM
You can get to them through quests either from the NCR at McCarra(Contreras) or through the Crimson Caravan. If you dont want to do that you can just find their building, its to the right of The Strip North Gate entrance and right in front of Freesides East Gate, you buy form the robot in the kiosk outside the gate to the GunRunners.
#6disaxisPosted 10/30/2010 7:43:13 AM
And no you cant steal the weapons from the kiosk because they are locked away sort of like Mick and Ralphs private stash.
#7protools1983(Topic Creator)Posted 10/30/2010 7:45:14 AM
Thanks Disaxis!
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#8disaxisPosted 10/30/2010 7:46:44 AM
Also Mick and Ralphs in Freeside just get to their special inventory through dialogue checks. No problem. Good luck collecting those wepaons.
#9Chaos2800Posted 10/30/2010 7:51:29 AM
you cant steal from them (which pisses me of cause they have an anti material rifle in the back but dont sell them often, or at all)
the store is located at the lower east side of the wall around vegas.
bring your caps though because all of there weapons are fully repaired and can cost a lot of caps :(
also you will most likely have to go and follow the road south all the way around the map to get to vegas if you are just starting.
unless you want to get there sooner you could try reducing the dificulty to very easy, stocking up on meds and trying your luck with the road to the north of goodsprings

just so you know if you do this^^ once you get out of that valley like area and head to the train tracks area just outside vegas GO EAST to get to the other side of the spillway
raiders there will kill you if you go north at a low level
#10disaxisPosted 10/30/2010 7:55:05 AM
The Anti Material Rifle can only be purchased once you reach a certain point in the game. Im not sure why, the first time through I bought it really late because I didnt find the GunRunners early on but this play through I wnt to them pretty quickly and it was for sale, a few levels later it was there, two of them actually. Hands down my favorite weapon except maybe the Tesla-Beaton Prototype or Big Boomer.