how to get the legion to not hate me?

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6 years ago#1

so im trying to do some of the quests at cottonwood cove, for caesars legion and also for mr house

but im hated by the legion, so i cant interact with any of the characters they just attack there a way i can stop the hate? I just want to complete the quests!

thanks in advance

6 years ago#2
bump....also another question should i go with legion, or go with mr house
6 years ago#3
Wear some Legion armour to disguise yourself or kill some NCR to get more famous with the Legion.

Who you decide to side with is totally and completely up to you...
6 years ago#4
just by wearing the legion armour will work? thats great news if true

i thought i tried that and they still went crazy attacking
6 years ago#5
Do you have Boone following you? He shoots Legion on sight, so you'll have to fire him to go that way. Otherwise, if you have the Mark of Caesar item, they'll ignore you until you attack.
6 years ago#6
i have the mark of casear item so maybe if just boot booney boy outta my party ill be good

thanks so much for the help guys...i had some guy run up to me when i went to cottonwood cove asking what i was doing, but then after i showed him the mark they still attacked (i did have boone still so that may be the problem)
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  3. how to get the legion to not hate me?

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