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6 years ago#1
Done everything the quest requires and I'm sitting in the banquet hall next to Mortimer, nothing happening everyones just staring at me , i'm clueless as what to do next
6 years ago#2
Not enough info, there's a few ways this quest can go down.
If you made the intimation meat, when you enter the wgs hall just stand at the door and wait for him to stop talking, stay hidden.
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6 years ago#3
I stole the cooks recipie and pushed him in the pantry I also drugged the wine
6 years ago#4
But did you go to the oven and pressed A to cook? Also, did you bring "meal" they were going to originally eat? Lastly, did you go to the intercom to tell the waiter to bring the food you prepared?

When you've done all that, you should hide and wait till the speech is over. I had to sneak my way over to Mortimer and talk to him, which would then complete the quest. Otherwise, you'll need to go to the intercom and tell the waiter to serve the drugged wine and then you can just walk out with the "meal."
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6 years ago#5
Cooked the meal and called the waiter No speech starts for me
6 years ago#6

Did you rescue that guys son and bring him with you? And what happens when you talk to Mortimer?

6 years ago#7

Also, if you cooked the imitation meat there is no need to drug the wine. Not sure what happens if you do both, but when you talk to the waiter just bring up the imitation meat and leave the wine if possible.

6 years ago#8
The guys son is with me and when I speak to Mortimer he says so nice of you to join us (no text box)
6 years ago#9
My only save is when the waiters taking both the wine and the meat upstairs.... Is there any way to take the wine back?
6 years ago#10

I have no idea then. If you have a save file from the middle of the quest or before you made the meal, you could try it again and see if that fixes it. Mortimer should start giving a speech after you enter the dining room area, and as soon as he finishes that is when you approach him. What does the last journal entry say for the quest?

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