Sniper or center of mass?

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6 years ago#1
I am playing as gunslinger, using mostly revolvers and pistols. I also lean towards being stealthy and I have all the crit and sneak attack perks such as Professional, finesse and better criticals.

I am wondering what would be the better choice out of Sniper or Center of Mass. Sniper increases headshot accuracy while center of mass gives extra damage to torso shots.

The way I see it, Torso usually has the highest hit chance, upping damage on that section seems wise, however the sniper perk works almost the same, only it makes it easier to hit headshots where damage is already higher.

Any input?
6 years ago#2

a stealthy gunslinging um ok (chuckling under my breath)

I like the center of mass since its always easier to hit the body, sure if the enemy is up close everything will show 95% but when they are further away the body is easiest to hit.

6 years ago#3
Honestly it depends really. You do sneak so, you're probably getting pretty close with your one handed weapons to enact a kill. I'd say go with the center of mass perk. However, if you want to keep more distance and still be sneaky, then go with the sniper perk. Honestly, I just shoot them while hiding outside of VATS. I cleared vault 11 by sneak killing everyone with the sniper rifle, including Motor-Runner.
6 years ago#4
Alright, I think Center of mass will work better. But I am not limiting myself to pistols, snipers are also used.
6 years ago#5
I would think that the Headshot damage boost is more than 15% more than the body shot boost in itself... so I think Sniper would increase damage output better than Center of Mass, since being able to hit the most damaging part of the body from farther away is better?
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6 years ago#6
Center mass gives and 15% damage increase to the chest while headshots does 2x the damage if I remember right.

Personally, I didn't take any of the perks that increases my accuracy in VATS since my skill level will make up for it in the long run.
6 years ago#7
Well, we pointed out the benefits of both sides and he went with center of mass. His choice.
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6 years ago#8
a stealthy gunslinging um ok (chuckling under my breath)

lol wtf

6 years ago#9
Well, if you don't have any suppressors on any of your weapons as a gunslinger, which there aren't too many, then a stealthy gunslinger is kind of moot. That's probably why he's laughing.. It would seem better to be unarmed/melee as a sneak character. Then again, you can't exactly sneak up on a crowd of enemies.
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6 years ago#10
Stealthy gunslinger is working out great for me. I can see how it isn't considered good since pistols do less damage per shot , however keep in mind that the "professional" perk gives pistols a 20% extra sneak attack damage from pistols and SMG's

My silenced 10. pistol is working great, and since it takes little ap to use in vats, I can literally target every enemy in the area and get a sneak attack on each one as long as I was hidden when I entered vats.

Considering this I don't think Silenced sneaky gunslinger was a bad Idea, in fact I think the game encourages it.

But whatever, this is how I like to play the game. I'd like to see some argument as to why it's bad other than "*chuckles* derp, it's bad"
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