Easier desert survivalist?

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6 years ago#1
Just wondering if there's an easier way to get the achievement without going the radscorpion casserole route?
6 years ago#2
Gecko steaks are easy to get too. All you need is gecko meat.
6 years ago#3
Fix the concourse's food processor for the NCR at their airport base. Buy all the food, throw a grenade in the corner and stand over it, let it 'splode, pause and eat all the food, unpause, wait a day or 2 for the restock, and repeat. Pretty quick.
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6 years ago#4
I Raided the Ultra Luxe then bought everything I could from the various merchants then travelled to Jacobstown killing every Bighorner along the way getting 70-ish Bighorner meats, then headed to a campfire cooked turned them into steaks, dropped my health right down with the Grenade Machine Gun and used every single item food item I had without leaving the menu.
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6 years ago#5
I tried the concourse food thing, but I waited 5 days and he never restocked. However, I tried this before I fixed the food processor. Does the fixed food processor make him restock?
6 years ago#6
I heard the fridge at the follower's safehouse never runs out of food, but I haven't tried it.
6 years ago#7
do drink items (ie sunset sarsaparilla) count?
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6 years ago#8
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