So at the end of Dead Money...(spoilers)

#1TrueMisfitPosted 12/22/2010 7:03:26 AM
You die?
Thats it?

Because no matter what i do i end up dying, so this is an alternate ending to Fallout:NV?

I suppose there could be worse DLC's...though i kinda feel cheated.

For the record, no matter how i do things i end up dying, i keep killing Elijah, but the shields never go down leaving me trapped, so it's the end right?
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#2d100ProductionsPosted 12/22/2010 7:13:19 AM
No. You can sneak out, but now that I think about it I never actually tried all that hard to escape when I killed Elijah. I think I just reloaded and went for the Safe Deposit Box achievement, which in turn makes you leave Elijah behind in the vault while you escape. Is there really no way to get out when you kill him?
#3SeiphonPosted 12/22/2010 7:15:57 AM
Sounds bugged to me. Killing him on mine got the sheilds to drop, then I just ran to the exit as normal.
#4TrueMisfit(Topic Creator)Posted 12/22/2010 7:16:57 AM
Not a single method, in fact i looked up a video walkthrough and it seems my game may be suffering a glitch, as the shields never go down on either side, trapping me forever.

And actually, no matter how hard i try i can't sneak from him, he comes up to the door, and without opening it he starts freaking out about me tricking him, got any suggestions as to how i am supposed to sneak past him?
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#5SeiphonPosted 12/22/2010 7:20:27 AM
I was having trouble too, then I read a guide that helped.

Basically as soon as the speech finishes, run out of the vault and hide in the far left room. If you do it right, the sheilds wont go up and Elijah will walk towards the Vault door. In that time I managed to sneak to the elevator before the sheilds went back up, effetivley trapping him in the largest room.
#6TrueMisfit(Topic Creator)Posted 12/22/2010 7:22:26 AM
I suppose i can always keep trying...ya know, one sad thing is, you don't get to keep any of that gold really, it's way to heavy.
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#7SeiphonPosted 12/22/2010 7:24:46 AM
just take a souvanier. heres the guid I got from someone on gamespot;

"Here's the way I did it. I ended up with one stealth boy on my tour of the place, though I don't think it's essential. Get him to come down to meet you face to face. As soon as you end the conversation, run out of the vault and hide inside the left hand room. As he gets close to the vault door, the energy blocks on the door get thrown up trapping him in the larger portion of the room.

Once he's trapped in there, run as fast as you can to the exit before you blow up. Actually, once you make it to the little room on the left (the metal box, room within a room thing), you can immediately start running to the exit if you know the way. This helps because you'll have plenty of time before the collar explodes.

I think the wording is strange, technically, you don't trap inside of the vault, you trap him inside of the larger portion of that room.

I'm sure I didn't explain it well enough, but if you have a save game, fire it up and watch the blue screens when they get thrown up when he comes. Just make sure you're behind the one on the left when you're ready to do your achieve run."
#8TrueMisfit(Topic Creator)Posted 12/22/2010 7:26:42 AM
Eh they are worth alot of caps, and i do plan to make this a semi-permanent character (not planning on getting an ending just so i can enjoy the mohave)
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#9RealWickedPosted 12/22/2010 7:27:29 AM
TC, next time post on the proper board.
#10TrueMisfit(Topic Creator)Posted 12/22/2010 7:29:53 AM

From: RealWicked | #009
TC, next time post on the proper board.

I hadn't realized they set up a new board JUST for this Add-On, i'll keep that in mind thanks.

As for everyone else, thank you for your help and time i guess i'll just keep trying to do something and hope i get one bug free run of this DLC.
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