Dead Money skill books locations *spoilers*

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User Info: chuckchoder

6 years ago#1
Ok I just finished Dead Money and I was able to find all these skill books. For the life of me I cant find the explosives or survival ones though so if anyone can add to this please do!

melee- police basement
unarmed- behind fountain where you start
medicine- clinic basement
barter- salida del sol (second floor across from door to salida del sol house)
sneak- switching station
repair- switching station
guns- cashiers booth
speech- tampico theater
lockpick- casino (room with auto dock on top of tool cabinet)
science- hotel suites right before veras room
energy weapons- in vault (jump on pipe and go under floor)

User Info: Sniping_Turtle

6 years ago#2

Even the wiki doesn't know.
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User Info: forgottenH3R0

6 years ago#3
be a little more specific and i'll request a sticky.
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User Info: dragonfire1992

6 years ago#4
Im afraid to play dead money until they find all the skill books. After i beat it, can i go back and get them? Or is this like Angorage.

User Info: Dark_Apostate

6 years ago#5
Once you are done with Dead Money you cannot return to the Sierra Madre.
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  3. Dead Money skill books locations *spoilers*

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